Let’s Talk About Dick (DC’s Titans)

The DC Universe steaming app just released episode three of their first original series, DC’s Titans. The episode mostly consisted of answers to questions surrounding the origins of Raven and Starfire, However, Robin’s origin was the main focus of the episode as it gave us a look into his past with Bruce Wayne. Let’s discuss the episode!

DC’s Titans Episode Two Reaction

The DC Universe streaming App has released the second episode of their flagship show, DC’s Titans, and it seems to correct some of the issues in the pilot. While it’s still too early to judge the show’s direction as a whole, the second episode gives viewers a better example of the tone of the show than the originally aired pilot. Let’s discuss the latest episode!

Five Ways Venom Will Change Comic Book Movies

Despite receiving negative reviews, Venom continues to top the box office and gain a positive reaction from moviegoers. But what does the strange film’s success say about the future of comic book films? Here are five ways Venom will change comic book movies.

DC’s Titans Episode One Reaction

The DC Universe streaming app has finally released the first episode of their flagship show, DC’s Titans. Is it any good? Does it suck as much as everyone expected it would? Let’s discuss it!

Brett Kavanaugh And The Message He Sends To Women

We have a conversation about what it means for Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed for Supreme Court Justice during the #metoo movement.

Why The Nike Boycott Is Stupid

We discuss the new Nike boycott caused by the outrage over the company supporting Colin Kaepernick, and call out the idiocy and racism behind it.

Is This Your President?

We discuss the ridiculous news surrounding the president of the United States as he continues to show his incompetence and crooked behavior.

Venom Trailer 2 Reaction/Review

Sony Pictures released their newest trailer for Venom, and it gives fans of the comic book antihero their first extended look at the character in action. Let’s watch, react, and review the new footage from Venom!

Shazam Trailer Reaction

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have finally released a trailer for their upcoming Shazam movie. After months of promotional pictures and debates about the film, we finally get a taste of the tone the movie is going for. Let’s react to it!

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