Why The Nike Boycott Is Stupid

We discuss the new Nike boycott caused by the outrage over the company supporting Colin Kaepernick, and call out the idiocy and racism behind it.

Is This Your President?

We discuss the ridiculous news surrounding the president of the United States as he continues to show his incompetence and crooked behavior.

Venom Trailer 2 Reaction/Review

Sony Pictures released their newest trailer for Venom, and it gives fans of the comic book antihero their first extended look at the character in action. Let’s watch, react, and review the new footage from Venom!

Shazam Trailer Reaction

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have finally released a trailer for their upcoming Shazam movie. After months of promotional pictures and debates about the film, we finally get a taste of the tone the movie is going for. Let’s react to it!

Aquaman Trailer Reaction

DC Comics and Warner Bros. just released the new trailer for Aquaman. The film is their first post Justice League film, and could possibly help their franchise to steer back on course. Let’s react to the trailer!

DC’s Titans Trailer Review/Breakdown

DC’s Titans released their first trailer for the series, and fans of the comic book team have mixed feelings about it. Considering that this will serve as the flagship show of the DC Universe streaming app, it’s worth discussing some of the controversies, mixed feelings, and story elements we can piece together from the footage we’ve received so far. Like and subscribe!!!

Why Iron Fist Season Two Will Be Better

Iron Fist is considered to be the worst Netflix Marvel adaptation yet, and the character has gained a reputation of being the most annoying Defender to debut on the streaming service. But with the few changes to the character so far, and a new team behind the series, there’s hope for a better season two of Marvel’s Iron Fist. Here’s why his next season will be better.

Why Valiant’s Faith Comic Film Is Important

Sony and Valiant comics recently announced a Faith comic book film adaption. Faith is the second Valiant comics character to be announced, and will most likely follow Sony’s Bloodshot film, which is already in production. We discuss the impact the film will have for female comic book readers and moviegoers.

How The God Of War Kill

This is something of a love letter to God of War. This is a fan edit made for fun. I do not own the music.

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