Black Panther Discussion

Check out our discussion of Black Panther, and what impact the film will have in the future!

Black Panther Discussion [Woke and Magic Podcast]

Check out the first episode of the Woke and Magic podcast where we discuss Black Panther, the impact the film will have in the future, and the change of spirituality in black culture!…/black-panther-movie-discussion

Cooking A T-bone To Redbone (Childish Gambino)

Watch me cook a T-bone steak to Childish Gambino’s Redbone. And no, I have no explanation for this.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review Spoiler Free

So The Last Jedi is finally here, and fans are divided on the newest chapter of the saga. So let’s talk about what works, and what doesn’t for it. Is the force strong with this film? Let’s find out.

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SyFy’s Happy! Review (Spoiler Free)

The Pilot for “Happy!” is dark, disgusting, and over-the-top humor. But is it any good? Let’s discuss the new SyFy series based on Grant Morrison’s graphic novel of the same name.

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What The DC Films Could Learn From The Arrowverse

Crisis On Earth-X recently premiered, and it exposed the biggest flaws in the DC Extended Universe so far. This was The CW’s first Arrowverse crossover following Justice League, and delivered the kind of superhero action DC Comics fans have been craving from the film franchise. Let’s discuss the biggest problem the future DC Films could address by using the Arrowverse as an example moving forward.

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Justice League Spoiler Free Review

DC has finally released their superhero team up film, Justice League. But after being plagued with production problems behind the scenes, does it live up to the long wait? Let’s discuss Justice League in this spoiler free review!!!

In Defense Of Punisher: War Zone

Netflix’s The Punisher is releasing soon. But before Jon Bernthal officially starts his assault on crime, let’s discuss the highly underrated Punisher film that came before it. Punisher: War Zone gave us the closest adaptation of the comic book so far. It’s time it got its due.

Keep Your Racism Out Of Our Nerd Culture

Star Trek Discovery received a lot of criticism upon announcement from “fans” upset about the casting choices. Now that the show is airing and has received praise from critics, the same group of people are even more upset about the show. It’s time to call these people out.

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