john-cena-dean-ambrose-battle-the-authority-on-wwe-rawThe phrase “three is a crowd” has never applied to anything else as well as it applies to the current Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose beef. WWE finally managed to create a feud with two rising superstars who have a great history of working with each other in NXT, only to force their golden boy in to it for unnecessary reasons. And while ignoring the idea of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, WWE will eventually force John to ruin the most excited thing they have going for them due to their obsession with trying to get John Cena over with fans who desperately want something new.

First, let me clear a few things up. I like John Cena as a person. I think he has worked hard to get to the level he is currently at. And if anyone deserved to have a part time schedule with a large amount of pay with it, John should be on top of that list for being the work horse who single handily carried the company on his back for years. But the sad truth, unfortunately, is that Cena usually kills the momentum of up and coming performers. He hardly ever jobs for anyone to the point that when he does, it feels unnatural. The first match in which Daniel Bryan won the world heavyweight title before immediately losing it to Orton feels forgettable. Mainly, because he won the belt from Cena. As much as fans wanted Bryan to win, Cena actually losing to Bryan felt unbelievable. He then went on to feud with Bray Wyatt for a while. And while Bray basically carried the feud with his amazing promos, it was all for nothing as Super Cena not only defeated him in every match during their feud, he basically dominated the entire Wyatt family after his loss to Brock Lesnar. So I don’t understand how adding John to this feud will help either Dean or Seth.

Let’s take a look at how the WWE has treated this feud before Cena’s involvement. Dean Ambrose rose as the break out star of the Shield despite WWE’s push for Roman Reigns. His chemistry with Seth, along with the set up for their feud, made it single handily the best thing on Raw. So, for some unknown reason, WWE felt the need to take Dean off of television to film a movie despite how hot he was at the moment. The move kind of made sense considering it would be a way to get rid of Dean on TV long enough to advance Seth with his Money in the Bank storyline, but nothing changed with Seth’s situation. Instead, we got to see how much WWE is willing to overlook both stars to get one of their favorite guys over when Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins clean on Raw right before he was suppose to wrestle him at a pay per view. That was evidence enough that WWE is willing to crush a good feud to get someone else over if the favoritism for that performer is strong enough.

So how can Cena help this feud? What is the real purpose of his deep involvement in something that was already working, other than just simply getting in the way? If this branches off in to a Ambrose vs Cena match, then Cena will most like win and kill Dean’s momentum. If Dean wins, then it does nothing for him since he was already hot anyway. It would be a great match, but it will not help either superstar. And we all know Rollins doesn’t stand a chance of winning against Cena clean. In other words, get Cena the hell out of the way!! He will eventually hurt the feud all together and ruin the best beef WWE fans have seen in years. Don’t use the sweetness of this feud to once again force the bitter pill of John cena down out throats. Give the fans what they want and focus on establishing new superstars!!