9a16e4ee8f8980616b8471ba362e7481WWE’s creative has struggled over the years with creating new top stars. One of the issues have been their inability to set up multiple top guys organically while continuing to push other performers at the same time. The days of having a huge star like The Rock coexist in the same company as Stone Cold Steve Austin are long gone. The last few years of WWE programming were filled with stars pushed to main event status early while setting most of the show to revolve around said talent. Because of this flawed way of thinking, wrestlers like Sheamus and Ryback have rose quickly within the company only to eventually fall in to midcard purgatory. But for the first time in years, WWE has a wrestler who actually has that “IT” factor that has been missing since the attitude era. But are they willing to travel down this road with a madman at the wheel, or will they simply brush him aside again once Reigns is back in action?

WWE had teased a Shield separation for a while with the intent of taking the big man in it to the next level. While Dean Ambrose was originally the main mouthpiece for the stable, it was becoming obvious that the creative team were more focused on Reigns than anyone else in the group. The split shot both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in to main event level, but Reigns always felt more forced than natural in the role of being a top player. While the internet wrestling community jokingly refer to “A guy being pushed” as Reign’s gimmick, let’s be honest for a moment and admit that there is more truth in that than we’d like to admit. Reigns has a limited amount of impressive moves with a stale and unimaginative finisher. He has the look, but that will only get him so far with his weak promo skills. Roman Reigns has something, but he definitely could benefit from having someone else be his mouthpiece. His interview on Raw via satellite reminded us all of how boring his promos are. In other words, Reigns looks like a champion, but needs more work before he can carry the strap with the actual feel and presence of a champ.

And then there’s the unexpected, unstable, and marketable, Dean Ambrose. No one truly saw his rise coming. And after taking him off TV for a while, WWE made the smartest decision towards new talent in years and pushed the extremely over Lunatic Fringe. There was no resistance like with Daniel Bryan. The crowd reaction was too deafening, and the desperation was too high for WWE to ignore this time. Ambrose, due to his feud with Seth Rollins, has a chance to do something incredible and bring unpredictability back to a PG product.

So what happens when Roman Reigns returns? Will both talents coexist? Was the fact that Dean Ambrose was taken off TV in the middle of the the most interesting feud WWE has had in years, while Reigns defeated Seth Rollins clean on a Raw an indication of the creative team’s view on the subject? I would personally like to see the WWE heavyweight championship worked in to the Rollins/Ambrose feud in the future. The natural talents of both Rollins and Ambrose should remain in the spotlight while Reigns works with another wrestler (other than Randy Orton) to get him over properly. Maybe a feud with Triple H himself. But we will have to wait and see. And hopefully, WWE doesn’t kill the only sure thing that is working for them at the moment.