10698580_869243713099863_820972608893104137_nI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Cena buries new talent. That’s just a common fact. He’s put stars over as well, but they are usually so over with the crowd on their own, the WWE can’t ignore them. So considering how Smack Down pushed Cena vs Ambrose to the point that it might overshadow Ambrose vs Rollins, I can’t help but wonder how it all will play out for Ambrose in the end. A no holds barred contract on a pole match means that Ambrose can defeat Cena without having to win by pin fall. A good sign that the main event will be Ambrose and Rollins. But some are speculating that Cena will win and face Rollins in a way to extend the Ambrose/Rollins feud longer. I get the idea of that, but I feel making a decision to piss off a lot of fans now in hopes that it will pay off later will only hurt the feud. Because in the end, no one wanted Cena involved in the feud to begin with. So how do you make Cena’s involvement have some sort of payoff in a match no one asked for? You turn him heel.

A win over Cena does nothing for Ambrose personally, but I guess WWE feels the need to use Cena to validate him. Cena winning over Ambrose is Cena highjacking the feud for himself. Some may see that as a way to prolong Rollins feud with Ambrose, but Cena defeating both of them in one night may come off as him burying both stars. But a heel turn out of nowhere would justify not only Cena’s involvement, but create an actual Cena and Ambrose feud that people would actually want to see. How to turn Cena heel? After his speech on Smack Down, it’s a lot easier than you think. You have him attack the internet wrestling community.

First, let look at the reason why Cena wants to face Rollins. Despite the fact that Ambrose has a more personal reason to get his hands on his betrayer, Cena simply wants revenge for Rollins attempting to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase at the wrong moment. It cost Cena the match, and Cena did have Brock beat, but that does not compare to what Ambrose has experience and comes off kind of selfish. His speech on Smack Down directly addressed how the IWC is tired of him and wants to see someone with enough balls to take him on. He also hit Ambrose with the AA and got the biggest response he has received in a long time. This proves that no one is interested in seeing two baby faces going against each other. Fans are going to see Cena as the heel in this regardless of how WWE tries to spin it. If they can keep up the momentum until Hell in a Cell, Ambrose can get the win over Cena without ever having to score an actual pin fall victory, and move on to face Rollins. All will seem right in the world, until Cena interferes and cause Ambrose his match against Rollins. Not only does this prolong the feud between Rollins and Ambrose, but interference by Cena could spark a heel turn that could fuel an all new feud with Ambrose as well.

John’s turn could acknowledge the IWC and play up their image of him while making it seem as if he’s sided with the Authority for selfish reasons. WWE’s creative could even address their Brock Lesnar issue by making it seem as if they’re searching for a way to get the strap off the part timer in order to have it on a defending champion. This could be the basis of an uneasy alliance as John could work with Seth with the sole purpose of a promised title shot once the strap is on Rollins. This leaves Ambrose as the face who has to go through John Cena in order to get to Rollins, and it also gives WWE creative a chance to work the title in to the Rollins/Ambrose feud in the long run. If the WWE is really serious about creating new stars out of Rollins and Ambrose, the title must enter the picture between the two. And a John Cena who is sick and tired of the IWC turning heel sounds too good to pass up considering he is going to face one of the most over young talents in the company.

We’ll just have to wait and see how Hell in a Cell plays out. But if we’re forced to deal with John Cena involved, then his involvement must have more meaning than it does at the moment. Because it seems more like WWE creative is too afraid to let two newly established superstars fly on their own. And if that is the case, then Hell in a Cell will be proof of how much the WWE believes in their own talent. Or it will be evidence of their inability to avoid self sabotage.