10659366_10152454237536443_3362189636419511310_nRaw started off with Ambrose addressing his frustration with John Cena’s actions. Cena came out to address Ambrose and made it known that he is far more experienced than Ambrose while even referring to him as a rookie at one point. It seemed as if the exchange of words between the two were simply Dean stating how he planned on running through John, while Cena went out of his way to let Ambrose know that he is not on the fifteen time champion’s level. The rivalry between the two seemed to be the main focus of the show as they teamed together for a triple threat tag team match set by the Authority. It seemed like WWE was pushing for an epic showdown between the two in an effort to put Ambrose over big. And then everything went to hell as their feud was resolved in a lackluster match later in the night that did nothing for either star.

The contract on a pole match that no wanted in the first place was moved to Raw. Rumor has it that it was suppose to be scheduled for next week, but was worked in to Raw at the last minute. Given a short time limit and filled with moments in which the match could have ended early, the match came off as sloppy and showed how much a pin fall win over Cena would have made it worth more than it was. What was the point of all the build up? What was the reasoning behind Cena’s comments about being the top guy going against someone less experienced if the top guy’s means of defeat is hanging from the top of a pole? The match was not only a waste of time and build up, but the time invested in to it could have went towards the actual Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose feud. I can’t help but wonder what WWE creative was thinking when inserting John Cena in to the feud in the first place if it was destined to end in such a sloppy manner.

Once again, WWE has mishandled the hottest feud they’ve had in years. And every time they drop the ball instead of fully fleshing it out, the more momentum it loses. WWE has two weeks to build the feud back up after being wrecked with Cena’s involvement. Let’s just hope they gain as much faith in their new talent as fans have. Because I’m starting to feel like the WWE is lacking confidence in their own product.