wwe_tag_team_championship_belt_by_lewisphelan-d5cloei I’m interrupting my criticism of WWE for a moment with a personal story revolving around wrestling. My significant other and I have been together for almost three years now. We first realized that we had a lot in common immediately upon our first date. We connected and sparked great conversations together. But it wasn’t long after entering a serious relationship that we noticed that no matter how much we had in common, we both had extremely different interest.

I’m a self proclaimed nerd who loves science fiction, comic books, and everything a grown man my age shouldn’t geek out over. Her interest are romance films, reality television, and everything a normal functioning woman of society might enjoy. So I respect her ability to put up with my corny jokes like, “You must be a phaser baby, because you’re set to stun.” or me pointing my sonic screwdriver at her in the middle of an argument hoping I can fix our relationship with it. It never works by the way, and only seems to piss her off worse.

So after attempting to watch Raw after years of only reading the dirt sheets, I found myself starting to enjoy the product again for better or worse. And with no one else to discuss it with, my poor girlfriend became the person I vented my frustration to. Never did she asked who Daniel Bryan was and why he’s being buried. Never did she ask what the word buried even meant. She just figured it was another phase I was going through. But all of that changed when a friend suggested that I introduce her to Total Divas. Because now I had a chance to introduce wrestling to her in a different form.

She fell in love with the show immediately. And I got to point out certain wrestlers to her while the show eventually grew on me as well. By this time, she started to watch Raw with me off and on. I was subscribed to the WWE Network, so she got a chance to watch WrestleMania live with me and a few friends. And I think from that point on, she was just as hooked as I am. Her favorite wrestler is Bray Wyatt. She knows wrestling is staged, but she mark out every time he enters the arena. She now reads the dirt sheets and we’ve made wrestling our little hobby for discussion. Every Monday night we cuddle on the couch and watch the entire show from beginning to end. We’ve even attended our first live Raw together a few months ago, and plan on attending each time Raw revisits us in the future. But the thing I enjoy doing the most is watching the Monday Night Wars with her. Because I love reliving those moments while watching her discover them for the first time. I’ll never forget the look on her face after I showed her Mankind vs The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match without her having a clue what she was about to witness.

Wresting has bridged a gap between me and my significant other. Knowing that we have this one thing in common has open the door for both of us to experience each others interests. She now watches Doctor Who with me and I watch certain reality TV shows with her. We’re engaged now and currently planning a wrestling themed wedding. Wrestling has become an important part of my life. And I enjoy the fact that I can share it with someone I love. Because we don’t consider ourselves simply engaged, and we will never consider ourselves as simply married when that day comes. We will always consider ourselves tag team partners for life.