3AIQMUOuAfter the dummy incident on Monday, I can’t help but worry about the direction WWE will take Dean Ambrose after Hell in a Cell. He is currently walking a fine line between crazy and humorous. Hopefully, his antihero gimmick will evolve and we’ll witness something great in the future. However, I feel like Dean Ambrose is out of place. His talents as a psychotic face would have fit well within the attitude era, but there are only so many things he could do as a face within the WWE’s PG rating to show off how crazy he really is. So although I personally prefer Dean Ambrose as a face, I think he would fit comfortably as a heel with his ability to cut dark promos. I’m not sure how the WWE plans on doing with his “unstable” gimmick as a face, but his words could easily sell him as unstable if he were able to cut promos like he has in the past. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with him in the future.