The Results

Dean Ambrose def. Cesaro via pinfall

The Miz def. Jimmy Uso via pinfall

Tyson Kidd def. Sheamus via count out

Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler via DQ

Ryback def. Titus O’Neil via pinfall

Big Show def. Mark Henry via DQ

Nikki Bella def. Emma via pinfall

Rusev def. Zack Ryder via Submission

Fernando def. Stardust via Pinfall

Seth Rollins def. Randy Orton via Pinfall

Rusev def. Sheamus via Submission

Best Moments

I was more occupied than I wanted to be during this following Raw. So I missed a few good segments. But what stood out the most to me was when Mr. McMahon threw down the stipulation for Survivor Series. It came out of nowhere and without reason. Of course it was a publicity stunt to get more subscribers to the WWE Network, but it came off kind of awkward. Having Vince come out, announce the stipulation, and then leave feels like a segment. And wrestling segments should never feel like actual segments. They should feel more organic and have some sort of reasoning behind it. It’s odd to imagine that both Triple H and Stephanie accompanied Vince to the ring with no idea he was going to make an announcement that huge. It also felt weird that they didn’t question why his decision was made the entire night. The reasoning for the announcement, and the effects of the announcement by Vince could have used a little more writing to flesh it out. There was a great feeling of desperation from the Authority over the decision, I just wish there was some sort of anger or resentment due to the decision being made in the first place.