The Results

Seth Rollins def. Jack Swagger via pinfall

Paige def. Alicia Fox via pinfall

Rusev def. Sheamus via count out

The Miz and Mizdow def. Los Matadores via pinfall

Dolph Ziggler def. Mark Henry via DQ

AJ Lee def. Brie Bella via submission

Tyson Kidd def. Adam Rose via submission

John Cena vs Ryback ended without a winner due to interferrence


Best Moments


Mizdow steals the show

Damien Mizdow got one of, if not the, biggest pops of the night. But there are only a few places this gimmick could head next. The obvious choice would be a feud between The Miz and Mizdow. Another choice would be for both to eventually hold the tag team gold. I would prefer the latter. It would be a better choice to milk the success as much as possible without it feeling forced. WWE putting their hands on something that is already over usually kills its momentum.

Sheamus vs Rusev

Despite how sloppy the match was at times, it did a great job of pushing their feud forward. Rusev needs a decent US title run. His gimmick is perfect for bringing prestige back to the strap.

Paige vs Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox has the potential to be an actual heel Diva. She has the wrestling ability for sure, but it seems like the focus is only on The Bellas, Paige and AJ.  I have to admit that the Knockouts are far more entertaining than most of the Divas in the WWE. And while both AJ and Paige have great ring work, the lack of focus on any other Diva with great in ring skills has left the Divas division in a boring state. Get Natalya’s sexy ass back in to the ring and in to a feud that doesn’t require her to job to Paige or AJ.

Ryback vs The World

Raw, from opening to closing, was completely dedicated to The Big Guy. And despite the main event ending without a winner, John Cena put him over very well during their encounter. Ryback seemed like a legitimate threat to anyone who gets in his way. And his ring work has improved. I’m pretty sure the next couple of Raws leading up to Survivor Series will revolve around The Big Guy as well. He will probably make an alliance at the last minute.

Promos Promos Promos!!

It seems like the WWE has figured out what to do with Dean Ambrose. The promo he cut on Raw was very similar to some of his earlier work before being signed to the WWE. Both Ambrose and Wyatt cut amazing promos that not only made their feud more exciting, but gave reason behind it. The idea of Wyatt thinking he could fix Dean feels organic and makes a lot of sense.

We were also treated to promos from both Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston promoting their new group, A New Day. Not sure if this group will still include Big E or not, but I can imagine Woods and Kingston dominating in the ring as a tag team.


I have to give credit when credit is due. I was entertained  for the entire three hours of the show. It didn’t consist of any stand out matches, and the ending with Luke Harper was almost ruined by the camera man over staying  his welcome. The silent and shocked stares between Steph, Triple H, and Harper could only go on for so long before they became awkward. Despite any great matches, a couple of good ones along with great story telling and build up throughout the night made this episode pretty entertaining for what it was.