Roman_Reigns_November_2013I’m a nerd, so I’ll be honest about this. I’m not as experienced with sports as I should be for a guy. Sports entertainment? Now that’s a subject I can talk your ear off about. But I’m not as invested in football, so excuse me for making this comparison if it doesn’t completely fit. The quarterback position is possibly the most important position in football. But what if the team has a quarterback who has issues throwing? What if the team had to send him off to work on his arm? Should said QB still take the lead position upon returning regardless of if there are others far suited for it? Does favoritism trump natural talent? Of course not. But sports entertainment has the luxury of giving said star the upper hand regardless of if they are actually ready for it or not.

Both Vince McMahon and Triple H have ideas for Wrestlemania 31. Hunter believes that it should be Reigns in the main event, while Vince is interested in bringing back The Rock. And while it’s a great idea for the WWE to build new stars instead of relying on big names of the past, it’s obvious why Triple H hasn’t been able to sell Reigns as a top guy to Vince yet. McMahon is not only familiar with the business, he is the business. So he’s not willing to drink the Roman Reigns Kool-Aid just yet. He can clearly see the faults in Reigns better than any internet smark can because he’s well aware of what it takes to be a top guy. And you can polish potential, but you can’t build it from the ground up. Because forced talent clearly stands out when compared to natural talent.

While Reigns has cut a few cringe worthy interviews via satellite to keep him in the loop, we’ve heard very little in the past weeks about Daniel Bryan’s recovery. The comparison of the two clearly shows that the WWE went with Bryan because it was an obvious choice. He was too over to ignore. Even Vince used the Yes chant when promoting the WWE Network recently. Stephanie uses it very frequently. And while Bryan’s Yes chants were even able to get Brie Bella over in his absence, I feel like the interviews from Roman were only filmed in order to keep what momentum he has out of fear his popularity would fade with fans in his absence. Now he’s using the time off to take acting lessons and work on his weak mic skills. You can’t knock the man for improving on some of his weak spots while gone, but you can raise the question of if a superstar who is in need of so much work should be the face of the company.

Roman Reigns is a square peg that Triple H is desperately trying to shove in to a circular slot. And while there are other stars that could possibly fit, Hunter is willing to chip away at Reigns instead. But I’m not sure he will ever fit naturally in that slot. He will always come off as artificial. Not naturally made for the role, but sculpted to be something he’s not in order to fit in a position he was never ready for. Should the WWE give up on Reigns being their top guy for a while? Yes. He has enough potential to become what he needs to be in the future in order to fit the role better. But I’m pretty sure WWE will make the same mistake they’ve made before with other superstars. They will rush him to the gold far before he is convincing enough to carry it.