With so many new shows based upon comic properties popping up within the last year, I think it’s safe to say that it has become the latest trend. And just like any trend, it will eventually reach the point in which people will lose interest due to lack of creativity. You have your shows like The Walking Dead, which has enough going on for it to satisfy both comic fans and fans of the television show, and then you have shows like The Flash and Arrow which cater more to the comic book crowd than the general audience. But Constantine has the advantage of being known enough due to the movie to pull in the interest of the general audience, while being known enough by comic book fans to give this proper version of John Constantine a chance to impress. And impress it does.

constantine-premiere constantine-premiere1

First, let’s address the obvious. There are a lot of people who are only familiar with the film version of the character. But not only does Ryan embrace the true image and accuracy of the comic character, Matt Ryan is John Constantine. Each episode so far has built the character a little more while showing off Matt’s ability to nail the complexity of John Constantine. The latest episode, (A Feast of Friends), showed that the series is willing to dig in to the source material and adapt some of the best Hellblazer stories for television. The heart breaking episode is an adaptation of the first issue of Hellblazer in which an old friend, Gary Lester, goes to John for help after unintentionally releasing a powerful demon. And while the comic doesn’t end well, the television did a superb job of adapting it while making the story its own.

So why am I asking you to watch Constantine? because despite the brilliant acting and the improving story lines, the show is still trying to find its audience within the friday night death slot it’s scheduled in. The pilot episode didn’t make as big of a splash as the network hoped. And despite the show beginning to grow a following and growing increasingly better, the death slot may eventually lead to the show being cancelled before it can be renewed for a full season. So if you’re a comic book nerd like me or you just like shows about the supernatural elements, why not give Constantine a chance?