The Results


Luke Harper def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall for the IC Championship

Tyson Kidd def. Adam Rose via submission

Ryback def. Cesaro via submission

Rusev def. Heath Slater via submission

Big Show vs Sheamus was a No Contest

Brie Bella def. Nikki Bella via pinfall

Goldust, Stardust, The Miz, and Mizdow def. Los Matadores and The Usos via pinfall


Best Moments


Harper wins the IC Championship

The show started off with the Intercontinental Championship changing hands. The authority, in an attempt to destroy Team Cena, kicked the holy hell out of Dolph before the match to insure a victory for Harper. But despite the attack, the match itself was great at putting Luke Harper over as a threat regardless of if he had assistance or not. I’d like to see a feud between the two continue after Survivor Series with Harper holding the belt for a while. Or maybe the title could exchange between the two a few times before the feud moves on. Dolph Ziggler, in my opinion, has brought prestige back to the strap. Working with Harper over the title can only elevate it more.

Ryback vs Cesaro

This match is worth mentioning because on paper, it sounds like Ryback was set up to squash Cesaro. But the match ended up as one of the best matches of the night. Aside from a missed uppercut thrown in Ryback’s direction, the action was solid. Cesaro has a way of bringing the best out of people. A surprisingly good match.

Big Show vs Sheamus

Throwing this match together as punishment was brilliant by the Authority. Attacking both men sent an even greater message that the Authority was willing to do anything to destroy Team Cena before they could even make it to Survivor Series. It was also great to see Stephanie tempt Big Show with a chance to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. This segment really made the Authority look like assholes, which was a great moment for selling the Pay per view.

Erick Rowan joining Team Cena

When Rowan’s music hit, I assumed it was a mistake considering that he was still sharing the same theme as Luke Harper. But when he hit the ring, the place exploded. Even though it makes a lot of sense, I honestly didn’t see it coming. 

Grumpy Cat

The Grumpy Cat segments were awful. Just plain awful. And it looked like someone was holding her up from behind and giving her a tiny little shake every once in a while to keep her from dozing off. Even the commentary about the segments seemed awkward. The Grumpy Cat moments felt like as if someone in WWE creative pitched it as a joke during one of their meetings, someone took it seriously, and now we all had to sit though a camera being shoved in to a cat’s face with the poor pet having no idea what the hell it is supposed to do. Awkward, awful, and a complete waste of time. Once again, the WWE has shown that it has no idea who their targeted audience is. This was the first time I’ve ever seen a cat get booed.


The go home episode of Raw told a story of desperation on the Authorities’ behalf. Unfortunately, that story didn’t involve the best acting from Triple H, and had a John Cena promo at the end that went for entirely too long. The Dean Ambrose moment with Bray Wyatt could have been done a little better as well. In fact, a lot of the story telling in this episode could have benefitted from someone polishing the writing. Not a bad show and accomplished what it set out to do, but it could have benefitted from some better written dialog from Triple H. His performance seemed off for some reason.