The WWE sparked the interest of a lot of fans by randomly introducing a new stable of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E as an unnamed group. The storyline played out with Woods, now repackaged as a character similar to a militant leader, recruiting both Kingston and Big E after losing a few tag team matches. The new stable was featured on air for a few weeks before being abruptly taken off air and disbanded. After being tested in a few house events and off air as both a heel and face stable, it seems like the WWE is finally ready to launch a reworked version of the group under the name A New Day.

My first experience with Woods’ work was as Consequences Creed in TNA. His gimmick was based on Apollo Creed from the Rocky films. And as ridiculous as the gimmick was, Woods was able to work the hell out of it. His run in the WWE has been very lackluster though. Woods has a lot of potential and charisma, and he finally has a chance to show it with his mic skills. I can see a lot of good promos coming from him in the future. Kofi Kingston is underrated. It seems like he only gets a chance to shine when there is a battle royal. Always entertaining, I can’t understand why he fell to jobber status. There are rumors that he actually got in to a physical altercation with Vince himself. It could only be a rumor and hold no truth to it, but sometimes it’s hard to tell whats a work and whats true when in it comes to professional wrestling. But regardless, this will be the perfect opportunity to reinvent Kofi as a serious high-flying threat. Big E has to be the biggest dropped ball for WWE. He had a gimmick that was already over in NXT. He’s funny and has charisma. But WWE creative gave him the stereotypical big guy gimmick and stripped him away from being himself when he made the main roster. His best work was with Dolph Ziggler before he started jobbing to Rusev. This will finally give Big E a chance to be himself and actually have fun with his character.

Each member of A New Day has the ability to shine on their own if pushed correctly. So the fact that they are in a stable together gives all three men the chance to show what they really have to offer. With The Shield disbanded and the tag team division in need of new contenders, the dawn of A New Day can not come any sooner. This is definitely one of the most anticipated stables in recent WWE history. At least one of the most discussed about ones.