There have been rumors about a huge fall out between The Macho Man Randy Savage and Vince McMahon for years. The original story that was confirmed between the two was that Vince was more focused on new talent instead of relying on older stars. This lead to a commentary position for Savage in the WWE, and his eventual departure to WCW in order to compete again. The story has always remained that Vince didn’t want him competing anymore, but Savage felt he could still go for a few more years. It was an logical reason considering that Vince has even admitted that he didn’t think Hulk Hogan had anything left before he went on to sign with WCW as well. So with a story that made a lot of sense shared by both parties, and complicated issues dealing with Savage’s family preventing him from being inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame, one could assume that there was no real bad blood between the two. But McMahon’s interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin showed that Austin found it a little hard to believe that Vince would allow The Macho Man in to the Hall of Fame. A simple yes from McMahon when answering if we will ever see Savage inducted seemed a little off for Austin. Which could only mean that there was once bad blood between the two, and that an old rumor for their fall out might possibly have some truth in it.

A lot of wrestling fans have heard of the rumor of an early relationship between Savage and a very young Stephanie McMahon. It has been stated that it may have only been an one off sexual encounter, or a full blown romance from different sources. Although the rumor has existed for years, no wrestler has ever confirmed if it was true or not. Even Savage himself has never confirmed or denied it. The only evidence to support the rumor was Stone Cold’s reaction to Vince’s answer about inducting Savage.

The Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast interview was a great way for Vince McMahon to engage his audience and share his way of thinking. It shared a lot of information about how Vince views the company, views his current roster, and the decision making he has to do within the company. It was an excellent interview and was very informative for any die hard wrestling fan. And although I do not wish to narrow such a great interview down to a past rumor, one can not ignore that we may have finally found our answer to a rumor that has been floating around since 1993.