The other day, a friend asked me why I’m so deeply obsessed with wrestling. He gave me the usual talk about it not being real and how UFC is better and blah blah blah. If you’re a die hard wrestling fan, you’ve heard it before. Guys with tight fitting Tap Out shirts with a body that looks like they should have tapped out to all of those buffalo wings they’ve devoured criticizing how fake professional wrestling is. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy MMA as much as the next guy. But my heart belongs to the sport sports entertainment that I’ve grown up with. So, I think it’s time someone finally said it out loud. Wrestling is for nerds. And that’s not a bad thing. Because nerds are awesome.We’re free thinking individuals who like what we like regardless of how goofy it may be at times. And boy has the WWE tested our tolerance for goofiness.

I don’t think the WWE is limited to nerds. I believe that it is geared towards a wide audience. So people who have enjoyed the product since their youth, or just enjoy it off and on for what it is at the moment are simply fans of WWE. But when we’re speaking pro wrestling in general, we have to mention the internet wrestling community. The IWC has become the main fan base for professional wrestling regardless of how Triple H feels about us. We bitch and complain about the WWE, yet we still watch every Monday. We were the first ones to subscribe to their network, and the first ones to flood the internet with bad reviews of their launch. We’re the ones in the crowd holding up signs for wrestlers making their surprise debut because we’ve read the dirt sheets ahead of time. We’re the ones who make WWE based memes and find the real backstage drama more interesting than the scripted drama produced every week. We’re nerds. And just like any nerdy fantasy world such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Lord of the Rings, we submerge ourselves in to the world of professional wrestling’s scripted entertainment.

Professional wrestling is for nerds. It’s for the fans who know how the chair shots and bumps are softened, but watch anyway. We’re aware of how scripted it is. We’re aware of the fact that the winners of each match are decided beforehand. But we have tremendous respect for what the performers do and how they put their bodies on the line to entertain us. We secretly love being able to criticize the writing for being predictable, while marking out whenever we’re hit with something we didn’t see coming. We love to hate heels and cheer our favorite baby faces. We’re the “Cena Sucks” side of the chant he gets whenever he hits the arena despite the fact we love seeing him live in person. We love to hate WWE, because we’re passionate about the WWE. So let’s face it, pro wrestling is for nerds. And being a nerd has never been more awesome.