ReignsAs much as I want to avoid bashing Roman Reigns again, it seems that a lot has happened in my absence. I came down with an illness which left me too sick and medicated to sit through three hours of programming without dosing off. I unfortunately missed an extremely busy week in WWE wrestling. But now that I’m 100% better and attempting to play catch up, I stumbled upon rumors that the WWE is starting to lose faith in Roman Reigns. But due to the fact that they’ve invested all of their efforts in to only him without attempting to build any other stars, they are simply going to reluctantly push Reigns to the moon anyway.

I don’t have the words to express how ridiculous it is for the WWE to have over twenty-five writers who are not capable of creating new stars in the way that Vince Russo and a hand full of writers did during the mid to late 90’s. There are plenty of people who could carry the torch if WWE creative could avoid killing their momentum. Dean Ambrose is probably the best choice as a replacement. But not only does the WWE not see him as a top star that fits their view of what a star should be, bad booking is currently hurting his momentum. And it seems like they are also not interested in Daniel Bryan, no matter how over he is with the crowd. So their idea to remain steady forward with a star that even they’ve lost faith in seems like not only the dumbest decision to make, but a huge middle finger to their fans as well. Wrestlers, in a business sense, are products to sell. And I have never seen a company so self absorbed to the point in which their customer demand is ignored, while the company supplies their customers with a product they prefer over what is demanded. All while expecting their customer base to just shut up and purchase the undesired product anyway.

I may have just recently discovered the rumors about Reigns, but the reaction he received during Raw last night should be an indication of where things are going with him. If there was ever a sign that a person is not top star material, it would be the crowd chanting “This is boring” clearly on air during his match. This might come from a place of favoritism, but I feel Dolph Ziggler is the best replacement for Reigns at the moment. He still receives huge pops by the crowd, and his Survivor Series performance is still relevant. His feud with Luke Harper could end with Harper holding the IC championship as the Royal Rumble grows closer.  Everyone is expecting Roman Reigns to win predictably, so imagine how big of a pop it would be if it came down to those two and Ziggler got the upper hand. Wrestlemania would be the ultimate underdog story. And despite what the WWE may think, fans love a good underdog story. I can imagine Ziggler bringing prestige back to the strap like he did the IC title. And a feud between Seth Rollins and Dolph for the championship would lead to some classic matches.

WWE needs new stars. Luckily, new stars are very easy to make. Cesaro, Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, and even CM Punk are examples of how a star can easily get themselves over. But as long as the WWE keeps killing natural momentum in order to force their artificial top stars on us, they will constantly struggle to grow. And their product will always remain a big budget production incapable of giving us the entertainment their low budget NXT does.