I’m fearing the day “The man that gravity forgot” makes his official WWE roster debut. His in ring ability is phenomenal, but he may never reach the heights he has in NXT ever again. NXT is perfect for him to shine in. Knowing how WWE works, my fear is that he might become buried in the midcard as a gimmick performer. There are already rumors flying around that he may be repackaged and wear a mask for God knows what reason. Neville could possibly become the next Cesaro, as in an awesome talent that will be ignored due to not fitting WWE’s standards of what a top guy should be. Although he does need a little work with his in ring promos, his impressive ring work will get him over with the WWE crowd very quickly. Let’s just hope the rumors of him being repackaged are false. Because if they aren’t, then the WWE will waste another indie talent. But if you’ve never seen Neville wrestle outside of NXT before, then you’re in for a treat with this video.