The Results

  • Dolph Ziggler def. Rusev via DQ

I’m not a fan of how this match ended. It came off as too predictable. Dolph Ziggler can make anyone look great, but there was no way in hell Rusev was going to lose clean on Raw. It just felt like a DQ was inevitable as soon as the bell rung.

  • Nikki Bella def. Natalya via Pinfall

A short and weak match. Natalya deserves so much better than this. Tyson Kidd has become more of an annoyance if you ask me.

  • The Usos def. The Miz and Mizdow via Pinfall

I like the fact that The Miz refused to tag in Mizdow their entire tag team championship run. It was a great match. I wasn’t expecting the titles to change hands, but I think it’s time for The Miz and Mizdow to move on to something different.

  • Bad News Barrett def. Cesaro via Pinfall

I’m disappointed in the way that Cesaro has been treated lately. They put him with the Real Americans, a heel team, and he turned them face. They put him with Paul Heyman, and he got the fans to cheer Paul. He flat out told the crowd that he doesn’t care about connecting with them, then got a huge pop with the big swing. When will WWE learn that we want to like Cesaro. He oozes good guy regardless of what he does. And with a video being released recently of him criticizing his own theme music, and the owner of WWE stating that Cesaro doesn’t connect with the audience enough to be a top guy, his promo was going great until it turned out to be another attempt to turn him heel. Welcome back BNB. It just sucks that Barrett’s return involved Cesaro jobbing again.

  • Luke Harper def. Jack Swagger via Pinfall

The crowd wasn’t as invested in to the match, but it had some great spots. I loved how sick the super kick from Harper sounded. And I felt that clothesline in my living room. Pretty good match between the two.

  • Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins via DQ

Let’s call this match for what it was. It was just an attempt by the WWE to milk the revenge storyline from Rollins’ betrayal of The Shield while hoping that fans have forgotten that Reigns already destroyed Rollins in a match before leaving. From going over the build up from the betrayal on the pre-show, to all of the talk about Reigns finally getting his hands on Rollins, it was all just set up to give the newly returned Reigns something to do while hoping that fans have short memories. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it was obvious that it was going to end in a DQ with the Big Show getting involved. The match itself was pretty good. Seth did a great job as a serious threat to Reigns. His experience and in ring ability shined while he still helped Reigns still look like a power house. Big Show’s commentary was the highlight of the match before it came to an end with him attacking Reigns. But aside from the predictable finish and the match being billed as their first meeting since the betrayal, It was pretty decent for what it was, and far better than their first encounter.

  • The Ascension def. The Miz and Mizdow via Pinfall

What can I say about The Ascension that hasn’t already been said? They’ve dominated the NXT tag team division, so I can only imagine that they will do the same for the WWE tag team division. They’re a healthy dose of life in a tag team division filled with just guys teaming up. The WWE needed another real old school authentic tag team other than the Usos.

With Edge and Christian hosting the show, Ryback cutting a touching promo, and Daniel Bryan announcing that he will be in the Royal Rumble, this episode was pretty awesome. The ending in which Seth Rollins forced John Cena’s hand to bring back the Authority was not only brilliant, it cemented him as the number one heel in the company. Great job WWE on delivering a really great show for the end of 2014.