antonio cesaro wwe superstar royal rumble us airways centerAfter the promo Cesaro cut Yesterday on Raw, I felt the need to address what WWE doesn’t seem to understand. We, as WWE fans, like Cesaro. He’s such a naturally likable character. But for some reason, WWE is hell bent on him being a heel. I had a discussion with a friend of mine who subscribed to the WWE Network, but can’t stand the current product. Cesaro stood out as someone he was interested in watching after seeing him win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. But as quickly as the WWE made a new fan out of him, he eventually stopped watching once he realized that the only current performer of this generation that he connected with had lost all momentum. Cesaro has the ability to connect with fans by simply being himself. Forcing a natural baby face in to a heel persona will do nothing but waste his abilities. But speaking of his talents, here are the top moves from Claudio Castagnoli before he became Antonio Cesaro. Let’s hope the WWE actually catch on eventually and stop wasting him.