ff74504d6d8b3a26808cfbcc4d82e165_crop_northThe Authority has been banned from television ever since Survivor Series. And while each episode of Raw has been hit or miss without them, they’re scheduled to make their return tonight on the first Monday Night Raw of 2015. Ever since the 90’s, WWE has had some sort of on air authority figure to push the main storyline along. In recent years, the Authority have actually taken up more air time than I care for. Some of their promos can run up to almost thirty minutes before kicking the show off. So it was nice not having to sit through that for a while. And with a formula that has been done for so long, it was interesting to see Raw attempt to remain creative without an on air authority figure for a change. But unfortunately, the absence of Triple H and Stephanie was filled with less creativity instead of WWE exploring new ground.

The absence of the Authority should have led to originality and creativity on WWE’s behalf. Instead of simply having guest hosts while aimlessly stumbling from one week to another, a running storyline should have been in place to carry the absence of Hunter and Stephanie until after the Royal Rumble. The story in between the time could of consisted of Seth Rollins gathering a team of wrestlers which whom would love to see the Authority back. He could recruit over time in an attempt to continue attacks on Cena in order to force him to bring back the Authority. To bring a nerdy idea in to the mix, the storyline could have played off like the Marvel Comics’ Civil War series. With people aligning themselves with Rollins in hopes to use the Authority to better their careers, Cena could recruit people who felt like the Authority was holding them down. A storyline that could divide almost the entire roster could have easily made heels and baby faces out of some of the mid-card players who may have had trouble getting over, while telling a far more compelling story than Seth Rollins simply complaining every Monday without any action. The way he finally forced John’s hand was brilliant, but I just wish a lot more would have happened in the time between.

While I believe that the Authority should have stayed off of TV longer, I’m excited to see what happens now that they are back. One could only assume that they will take revenge on the stars who were responsible for them being taken off air in the first place. So we will see a lot of Dolph Ziggler and John Cena being screwed over in the next coming weeks. But regardless of what happens next, we can expect Seth Rollins to be praised by the Authority tonight for orchestrating their return.