CAL0527-sg c4There have been a lot of rumors lately about this recent Raw, The Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania. And if these rumors are true, then they reflect just how unorganized the WWE has become. First, let’s look at the rumor about this recent Raw. The word backstage is that Vince himself rewrote the script to Raw because he wasn’t satisfied with it. The rewrites include the dialog from the Authority, as well as the decision to fire Ziggler, Ryback, and Rowan. I’ll admit that something felt very off about Raw, but I took it as a feeling of the Authority returning too soon. But apparently the bad dialog wasn’t well received behind the scenes. And the release of three stars, although part of a worked story, is being viewed as a mistake. And in all honesty, it seems like one. WWE will have to rush writing them back on TV in order for Ziggler, Ryback, and Rowan to gain and maintain enough momentum for Royal Rumble. But if they are rushed back to TV, then the entire firing stunt comes off as pointless.

The second rumor going around in the back is that the WWE has no idea who will win the Royal Rumble. There are talks of Daniel Bryan winning the Rumble as a safe bet, but there are also talks that certain members of creative feel like his injuries will plague him in the future. Also, despite the reaction he still receives from fans, there are still members of the creative team who feel like Bryan will never be a top star in the business. So there is still talk of Reigns winning regardless of if he is actually ready or not due to him being the only star they’ve invested time in. So the idea would be to place Bryan in the Rumble in order to have him eliminated by a heel so that particular heel can take the heat away from Reigns eventually winning. As a fan, I can’t stress enough how dumb of an idea that is if true. WWE might as well leave Bryan out of the Rumble if that is their brilliant plan. But regardless, the main talk about Royal Rumble is that nothing is for sure yet. And that Triple H has asked the locker room to step up so he can observe who he might choose instead. So in the end, it all comes off as a cluster of ideas being thrown around at the last minute.

As a fan of wrestling, I really don’t have that many choices other than the newly relaunched TNA and the independent circuit. I didn’t mention NXT because I have to sit through the heart breaking moments of watching some of my favorite independent wrestlers get called up in to the chaos of the WWE main roster. But my point is if I had somewhere else to turn, I would. Because there is no reason for this level disorganization within a company this huge. But despite my bitching, I’m going to continue watching anyway. We’ll always continue watching and hoping they do better in the future.