• Samoa Joe def. Kurt Angle via Submission
  • The Hardys def. The Wolves via Pinfall
  • Eric Young def. Bobby Roode via Pinfall
  • The Beautiful People def. Brooke and Taryn Terrel via Pinfall
  • Low Ki def. Austin Aries via Pinfall

I’m really cheering for TNA to become a real alternative to WWE. But it seems like it’s struggling from some of the same things that plagued it in the past. First off, The opening match between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle was hard to watch. It immediately went to commercial break before continuing with a gassed out Angle. As much as it pains me to say it, I think Kurt has lost it in the ring. I noticed it last week, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt due to not being in his gear and ring rust. But he looked awful in this match and is clearly showing signs of slowing down. By the time the match was over and the BDC attacked him, I felt awful for even witnessing his performance to begin with. An attack was just salt in the wounds.

The Hardys displayed a similar performance with older stars not meshing well with the energy of the younger talent. It was a good match in the end, but I felt the Hardys were trying to keep up more than actually putting on a great performance. Other than those two matches, the in ring work did a decent job while the out of ring skits hurt the episode. The new backstage set up for the commentary is awful and cheap looking. The segments backstage came off as ridiculous and pointless. I hate to overuse a word, but awful is the only thing that comes to mind when comparing everything they’ve changed backstage after just one episode.

But the thing I can’t stand the most is TNA’s reliance on stables as a driving point. The BDC (I really think it should be crew instead of clan, because clan sounds ridiculous if they are going for a realistic feel) ended the show by beating down Bobby Lashley. I’m not exactly sure what their motivation is for anything they are doing. And MVP can not cut promos well enough to get the group over. In fact, his promos are…awful. I think TNA should just focus on individual grudges and tag team matches for now. I was sold with how they originally marketed Lashley vs Roode. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of marketing for TNA lately. More than I ever have when they were on Spike TV. They can sell great matches and great feuds. But I haven’t seen a great stable in TNA since the original Main Event Mafia. It’s time for TNA to move on to another original idea.

I’m really disappointed with this episode. I hope Impact improves in the future, because I have to go out of my way to even watch it. Sorry guys, but my reviews of Impact may be a little late depending on when I can actually view it. I may not have access to it every Friday due to not having Destination America. I’ll try to catch it every Friday and whenever I can, but I just hope their product is worth it in the future. Because so far, it is basically hit and miss.