tumblr_me99gu59xr1rvjjfeo1_500If any wrestler ever needed a serious reboot, it’s Roman Reigns. With the potential to actually be a top star in the future, Reigns has been forced in to the spotlight earlier than needed and told how to act and what to say by people who have no clue on how to make a new star. Reigns’ attire, entrance, and theme belongs to The Shield. The other former members have moved on and found their places within the WWE. Both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins developed their own look and style, but Roman is forced to rely on something that was built around him without adding any originality to it.

Reigns is also forced to be whatever the higher ups above him decide to make him. His original gimmick was similar to Diesel. He was originally a huge power house who didn’t have much to say. But then someone decided to make him John Cena instead and began writing dialog for him that made no sense for his character. Never mind Reigns’ short comings on the mic. If WWE wasn’t so hell bent on making him in to what they think he should be, they could have easily found a way around all of his weaknesses while still making him look strong. So how do you reboot Roman Reigns? It’s simple. Play off of his looks.

Everyone knows that Reigns has a good look to him. Well before the WWE forced to him to be the angry power house of The Shield, he was known to smile and seem pretty relaxed in FCW. If given the chance, Reigns could be a heart throb wrestler. Women love him, and guys think he’s okay as a performer. So why not go with a modern Rick Rude gimmick? He could easily tackle minor dialog that isn’t written like he’s either pissed off at the world, or written like a cartoon character. From what I’ve heard about him, he’s really a nice guy in real life. He could show a lot of himself in his new gimmick as a heart throb character. If they really want Reigns to connect with fans and feel comfortable with his gimmick, then he should have a gimmick that relies more on his actual personality to get him over.

I’m not a professional WWE writer, but I believe that a performer would shine in a gimmick that matches their personality closer. Reigns may be a huge and good looking guy, but he will never be the next John Cena. In fact, there should never be another John Cena. Reigns has the ability to be the first Roman Reigns if given the chance. And I think sooner or later, we’ll eventually see him come in to his own.