hellEvery once in a while, a television show gains a strong cult following before the network pulls the plug on it. Firefly is a good example a series forced to endure that fate. Either the ratings are not where the network wants them to be, or the network struggles to sell commercial time for the show. Either way, a great show could come to an end before it could reach its full potential. Comic book shows are starting to become as profitable as comic book movies. And with a lot of different shows to choose from, it’s safe to say that comic based television shows have become the norm. So NBC obviously wanted to get in on the action. But little did they know how different Constantine would turn out to be.

John Constantine is not the Arrow. He doesn’t have powers like the Flash, and he’s not part of the Marvel universe. John Constantine is a man who fights real evil. The kind of things that you can’t watch with your kids because it might give them nightmares. And it seems like every episode brings John closer and closer to the rising darkness. But the show is not what NBC hoped for. No capes, no super powers, just all brains and black magic. I’ve heard a lot of people describe Constantine as a mixture of Doctor Who meets Supernatural. But NBC was not interested in that sort of combination, so what is now turning out to a great new show is treading very close to being cancelled.

Placed at 9pm on Friday nights, Constantine had to struggle for its first eight episodes in a death slot. Now after returning an hour earlier, Constantine is still in trouble of getting cancelled despite DVR ratings due to the network wanting to have higher live ratings. It seems like NBC is actually looking for a reason to get rid of the show. The DVR audience is there, the Facebook page is filled with fans begging for the show to not be cancelled, and the cast put together a internet parody series in hopes of promoting the show and avoiding cancellation. In other words, there is an audience for the show that are being ignored because NBC can’t be bothered to change the time and day it airs to an more accessible one for live ratings.

So I’m asking everyone who may see this post, fans of the show already, and anyone who might be curious about the series to help keep a great show alive by tuning in to the final five episodes live when they premier to boost its ratings. Tired of the same crap on TV? Want something different for a change? Well, we have to support when we’re given something different no matter how shitty the network is with the scheduling of it. Because according to NBC, only we can #SaveConstantine