RAW_1113_Photo_095-836563110PWInsider is reporting that the bizarre one, Goldust, has plans to retire after Wrestlemania. The plan is for Stardust to remain on the roster as a singles competitor, while Goldust is slowly phased out of his in ring career in order to focus on a career as a full-time agent and producer. As much as I can understand why the 45 year old attitude era performer might want to step out of the ring, he has never looked better with his ring work and size.

This isn’t the first time Dustin Runnels had taken a break from the ring in order to work behind the scenes. He worked as a producer and trainer for new talent back in 2011 before eventually returning back to the ring. If rumors are true, then Goldust will be missed, however Dustin Runnels will still be a part of the business.