20140126214535.0_cinema_1050.0WWE can honestly take the Royal Rumble 2014 as a lesson learned. If they truly insist on ignoring their fans and giving us what they think we want instead of what we asked for, then they should brace themselves for the same kind of blow back as they received last year. The 2014 Rumble wasn’t a bad match. It was a decent event ruined by predictability. WWE didn’t bother to hide who the winner was going to be. And the absence of wonder made the entire match feel meaningless. Ironically, it came down to Roman Reigns and Batista with the crowd on Roman’s side. Fans wanted Roman to come out on top because it would have been a far better finish than Batista winning it after barely returning. It was the need for something different and less obvious that put the crowd in Reigns’ corner. And if there was ever a moment WWE could have turned him in to a top guy naturally, it was that moment.

I think the crowd would have exploded if WWE’s obvious choice for Wrestlemania would have gotten thrown over the ropes by a young superstar that had dominated in the entire match up to that point. But as much as Reigns could have been a huge star last year, his situation this year is very similar to the role Batista played last year. Will WWE go the predictable route with Reigns, will they go with the safe choice in Daniel Bryan, or will they throw in a wild card and give it to Ambrose or Ziggler? We will just have to wait and see.But whoever comes out on top will set up one hell of a Wrestlemania if Rollins walks out of Royal Rumble 2015 with the championship around his waist.