20141216_RoyalRumble_642x361_ArticleImageI’ve decided to try something different this time. Instead of results after the show considering that this is such a huge event, I’ve decided to give live blogging a try. I’m a blogger and a fan of the WWE product. So this will be the first time I’ve shared my unfiltered and straight forward opinions in the moment. Let’s see what happens. Just click below to view my real-time posts and feel free to comment below on the event if you’re watching it live as well.


Embarrassing. When the crowd starts cheering “we want refunds” and cheering for the guy who built his career out of hating America over your winner, then you really need to get your shit together WWE.  I’m getting alerts from other wrestling sites tweeting to not invest in your company anymore. How can you drop the ball this big? How can you believe you can sell a product to fans that don’t want to buy it? And yes, Roman Reigns is a product. I’m speechless. Please leave your thoughts and comments below.