roman-reigns-looney-reignsThere were a lot or reactions to the ending of the Royal Rumble. Some fans feel that the Philadelphia crowd ruined the match by booing through most of it after Daniel Bryan was eliminated. Some fans believe that their reaction was because of the fact that they were preparing themselves for the inevitable outcome of the match. But no matter how anyone feels about the crowd that night, we can all agree that the Royal Rumble match proved exactly how much our opinions are valued by the WWE.

There were ways WWE could have written the Royal Rumble to go down and still have Reigns win in the end. The fact that their decision was to handle it the way they did could only be taken as either lazy writing, or a clear middle finger to their audience in an act to prove that we will watch whatever they serve us to watch. I honestly believe that Daniel Bryan, a fan favorite to win the Rumble, was eliminated quickly as if he was a jobber in order for the WWE to drive home the message that our cheers and reactions towards certain talent doesn’t create stars. WWE determines who is a big time player or not. And while a lot of WWE apologist may chalk things up to fans being upset because their favorite stars didn’t win, the truth is they are just as disappointed with how it ended as well. The way Bryan was eliminated and the way Dolph was treated clearly shows that the pops they receive every time they hit the ring fall on deaf ears. And I believe their exit from the Rumble was intentionally quick as a stubborn act of defiance against the fans.

So the question is where do we go from here? As die hard fan with love for a company that would rather force an under developed talent down our throats because he’s The Rock’s cousin than push anyone deserving, where do we go next? Should I become an apologist and criticize the IWC for their reaction and blindly continue to support the WWE regardless of my dislike of their decisions, or should I cancel my subscription to the WWE Network in order to send a message to Vince that I’m done with their product?

As soon as the show ended, I considered cancelling my subscription. I couldn’t blindly ignore how Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan were tossed out like a couple of jobbers. I couldn’t ignore the subliminal fuck you the WWE was displaying on my television set, and the fact that so many other fans felt the same way and unsubscribed in drones show that I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t ignore it. I’ve walked away from watching their product in the past for less and remained away for years. I went from 2006 to watching every once in a while in 2013 before becoming a fan again during the launch of the WWE Network. My point is that out of the mass amount of fans who unsubscribed from the network, a decent amount of people will not subscribe again immediately. Because being the only show in town doesn’t mean we have to watch it.

So where do we go from here? I plan on keeping my subscription just a little bit longer. Because as a fan, I’m done with the product. But as a blogger, I feel that I have an obligation to put aside my personal feelings and report my unbiased opinion. And to be completely honest, Roman Reigns is a likeable guy. It just sucks that WWE put him in this position. So I plan on watching Raw tonight and judging the show for what it is as an individual episode. But I support everyone out there who decided that they’ve had enough with the product and cancelled. Because your voices were finally heard.