john-cena-wrestlemania-30When Rusev began to gain a decent record of avoiding a clean pinfall, rumors started to spread that he would eventually fall victim to John Cena. After months and months of feuds ending without Rusev ever receiving his first pinfall loss, I found it hard to believe that WWE’s creative team were saving that moment for Cena to conquer. Just the idea of that sounded ridiculously predictable and extremely pointless. Well, I guess WWE’s creative team never cease to amaze me with how much they’ve embraced the ridiculously predictable and the extremely pointless. It’s reached the point in which I can no longer tell if they’re insulting our intelligence, or actually believe that they are cleaver and doing a great job keeping us on our toes. But predictability is what’s killing this company story wise. And as much as fans want to see Rusev lose clean, we’d rather see him lose to someone he has a history with. Not gain his first clean loss from a half ass thrown together feud based on one encounter between the two.

I have nothing against John Cena, but his time has passed. He’s reached the point that not even a title run would elevate him higher. He’s already at the mountain top, and situations like this one only keeps others from reaching his level. Jack Swagger could benefit greatly from finally scoring a three count on Rusev considering their history. Hell, another talent like Dolph Ziggler could benefit from a nice feud with him. Even Ryback, who was actually in an active feud with him before the Royal Rumble, could have benefited from actually being able to finish his feud with a pinfall instead of it sloppily ending out of nowhere. So why not give it to someone else instead?

I’m not against WWE’s obsession with keep their top star involved in top storylines, but I am against the big dog taking what would be scraps for him away from the puppies who would have considered it a meal. I know it’s not his fault personally, he just does what he’s told. I just wish WWE’s creative team was competent enough to actually write for more than one superstar at a time.