The Results

  • Roman Reigns def. Big Show via Pinfall
  • Tyson Kidd def. Jey Uso via Pinfall
  • The Ascension def. Goldust and Stardust via Pinfall
  • Daniel Bryan def. Kane via Casket Match

Although the wrestling card was small for this event, a lot was addressed through Triple H’s promo. After addressing the WWE Network reaching a million subscriptions and the amazing triple threat match at the Royal Rumble, Hunter commented on the reaction Roman Reigns received by stating that he will make a huge announcement on Raw. Reigns made his way down to the ring through a sea of boos from the crowd to confront Triple H before starting his match with Big Show. It seems like WWE creative have successfully turned him in to John Cena. A part of the crowd cheered “Let’s go Reigns” while the other side simply booed the hell out of him. Maybe in the future he’ll at least get a “Roman sucks” response back.

What bothered me most about Roman vs Big Show was that it reminded me of how limited Reigns is in the ring. I can blame WWE creative with how he was handled up to this point, but I can’t ignore that his usual clothesline, clothesline, Samoan drop, clothesline, side ring kick, clothesline, Superman punch, and Spear will stand out against a barrage of suplexes Brock Lesnar will unleash on him. I have a feeling the match will consist mostly of him getting tossed around before making a miraculous comeback and hitting Brock’s broken ribs with a spear. We’ll have to see what Triple H has to say about the main event next Monday. But so far, I’m not sure if it could live up to what we would expect from a Wrestlemania main event.

The main event on SmackDown  felt like it went on for entirely too long. Daniel Bryan  and Kane have faced each other enough times that the match came off a little stale the longer it went on. Kane did a great job of selling throughout the match, and Bryan looked really good against him. But despite how good the match really was, I’m just glad both wrestlers can finally move on from each other. A great way to end their feud, and a great way to end a decent show.