brock1The biggest defense for Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble and heading to Wrestlemania is that there aren’t many other performers on the roster that could take on Brock Lesnar convincingly. While it’s true that the beast has been pushed to the point of being unstoppable, there are other choices to dethrone Lesnar if written correctly. Of course a few of these choices would require some actual creativity from WWE’s creative team, and that might be asking for a little too much. But if fully planned out, some of the performers on the list could have made for a great Wrestlemania with a lot of build up.

5. Rusev

Rusev has had a decent run as a villain. But just imagine how big of a pop he would have received if he would have thrown Reigns out after everyone was convinced the Rumble was over. Again, it would take some creative writing to make it work. Brock Lesnar is rumored to leave the WWE after Wrestlemania. Another heel taking on the title would be entertaining to see. Brock is close to being a baby face after his performance in the Triple Threat Match at the Rumble. That could be exploited and we could have a face change within the match. I could also see Rusev performing an Ivan Drago from Rocky IV and deciding that he wants to win for himself and not his country. As cheesy as it sounds, Rusev could be a threat to Lesnar if used right. But I’m placing him at number five because I doubt WWE will ever allow him to be anything other than a gimmick character.

4. Daniel Bryan

While some may think that Bryan wouldn’t stand a chance against Brock, there is always that David and Goliath aspect of the storyline. No one deserves a full title run as much as Daniel Bryan. But the road to recapturing the gold shouldn’t be an easy one to travel. I can’t stress enough how perfect the Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar storyline would be if fleshed out more. It practically writes itself as the ultimate underdog story. However, the only reason I have Bryan at number four is because of the reality of how rough Lesnar is in the ring. He manhandled Seth Rollins and tossed him around with disregard for his safety. Luckily, Rollins knows how to fall, so he was able to prevent any serious injury. Bryan, however, could be seriously injured if Brock works with him by toss him around carelessly.

3. Ryback

Ryback can be considered a cautionary tale for Reigns as to what could happen when you put your entire career in to the hands of WWE’s creative team. He was pushed to the moon and shoved down our throats before eventually settled on a bully gimmick and other ideas before finding his way in to tag team midcard hell. Who would have thought that letting Ryback be himself would get him over with the fans? With the people finally on his side, decent enough mic skills, and an intimidating size, Ryback looks the part of someone who we could actually buy defeating Lesnar. With a continuation of his promo about overcoming adversity and living his dream as a WWE performer fleshed out a little more, we could have a huge guy we can relate to going up against a monster. Compelling story if written right.

2. Bray Wyatt

Coming off the better end of a feud with Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt had a very strong performance in the Royal Rumble. WWE has pushed to make Wyatt look strong lately. I can see them running an  angle in which for the first time ever, Brock has to face someone who doesn’t care about his own well being. Someone who is willing to recklessly put his body on the line to take the title. The promos between Wyatt and Heyman could sell the hell out of the match. Plus comparisons to The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar are bound to happen. With Wyatt and Heyman handling the storytelling, it’s just a matter of if the WWE is willing to push Wyatt to the next level.

1. Cesaro

If there was anyone deserving of a push, it’s Cesaro. My number one choice is an odd one because it would require a lot of writing to make happen, however, the in ring work by both men would steal the show. It’s not a secret that WWE doesn’t have a clue as to what to do with Cesaro. People want to see Cesaro as a face. WWE could easily have him to cut a promo like he did before minus the ridiculous heel talk. WWE doesn’t believe in him. His story could be that he’s trying to prove his worth, especially against the person Paul Heyman valued over him when he was a Heyman guy.  The story can go back and forward as to why Heyman didn’t appreciate him as well as his place in the company. Whatever story is written, the fact is Cesaro’s skills as a wrestler would shine against Brock. He may not have the size WWE is looking for, but the strength is there. Imagine Cesaro German suplexing the hell out of Brock and just think of the pop he would get if he did the big swing on the world champion.

I don’t doubt Reigns’ status as being the only believable guy to take on Brock. I just feel like he is the only believable choice because WWE invested so little in to everyone else on the roster who could have been a threat to Lesnar. It’s more of a case of WWE putting all of their eggs in one basket than not having enough qualified talent. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with the Wrestlemania main event in the future and hope for the best. Because I have a feeling things will most likely change before then.