wwe-coo-triple-h-addresses-wwe-universe-concerns-over-a-new-regime-superstar-firings-and-more-620x350“He’s not ready.” It’s the phrase used the most to describe Roman Reigns. From the fans to former professional wrestlers, it has been unanimously agreed upon that Reigns needs a lot of work regardless of how hard WWE has tried to shove him down our throats. But the announcement on Monday, one that was hyped up more than Reigns’ career so far, brought more disappointment than the actual Royal Rumble. Because it’s obvious that WWE has now officially made the entire situation worse. Instead of listening to their fans from the beginning instead of pushing forward with Reigns, WWE has now written themselves in to a worse scenario than last year.

There are two ways the road to Wrestlemania could go. And both paths hurt the company in their own way. If Daniel Bryan defeats Roman Reigns and goes on to Wrestlemania, then it sort of makes the Royal Rumble pointless. The Royal Rumble use to mean something. The last few years have been predictable due to WWE’s lack of creativity, but to simply take away the winner’s shot at Wrestlemania regardless of how people feel about him completely destroys what the Rumble has stood for. As much as I dislike the winner, WWE should have stuck with their guns and went with Reigns regardless of the reaction he’s receiving. And if he was going to give up his shot at Wrestlemania, it could have been written a lot better.

The other road, the one I think WWE is traveling down, would see Roman Reigns defeat Daniel Bryan and move on to Wrestlemania as planned. From WWE’s perspective, this will bring credibility to Reigns in hopes that the crowd would accept him more. The truth is there is no way in hell Reigns can out wrestle Daniel Bryan. A good match with Reigns is him being dominated for most of the match before making a comeback. Hell, even his return match with Fandango went the same way. Unless he has been holding back and actually does have the ability to put on a competent match with Bryan, I can see this match going the way of William Regal and Bill Goldberg. No one will buy Bryan out performing and dominating Reigns before he makes his usual comeback. The match will have to be extremely put together to sell a clean victory over Bryan. And it must be a clean win in order for Reigns to look strong.

I feel like the entire announcement did more harm than help. Better writing could have save the entire situation. I’d rather have Reigns become upset with how people are reacting towards him and put his spot at Wrestlemania on the line in a match on his own out of confidence and lose, or simply go straight to Wrestlemania as planned. Subtlety could have helped a lot more than the cluster of a plan WWE has laid out. But either way, I have a feeling that no matter who goes to Wrestlemania, it will be Seth Rollins walking out with the belt anyway.