RAW_1018_Photo_104-630x354Wrestling has a funny way of creating its own reality. Certain rules that might apply to the real world seem less logical in the world created by professional wrestling. Daniel Bryan is a small guy compared to most known wrestlers. Considering the fact that he chased down two burglars in real life and held one in a choke hold until the police arrived, it’s safe to say that Bryan is somewhat of an actual tough guy in real life. But if an actual fight were to ever break out between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, I’m pretty sure a lot of people would bet their money on Reigns because of his large size. Only in wrestling could fans look at the size of both competitors and think that there is no chance in hell for Reigns to actually beat Bryan believably. That is the beauty of pro wrestling’s reality. But as some rules may not apply, the way we view a superstar’s ability remains the same. If we believe that one superstar can not defeat another, then we will not buy the outcome being any different.

Roman Reigns can not out wrestle Daniel Bryan. However, Bryan is set to take on Dolph Ziggler at Wrestlemania instead of Brock Lesnar. So the obvious outcome to his match at Fast Lane is an unbelievable loss to Reigns. Well, WWE has come up with what they consider to be a brilliant plan in turning Dolph Ziggler heel. Ziggler is rumored to cost Bryan the match in order for Reigns to advance. The heat is expected to be taken off Reigns for the most part and placed on Ziggler in order to set up an awesome match at Wrestlemania that is guaranteed to steal the show. And while I’ll admit that I’m a bigger fan of Ziggler as a heel than a face, and WWE’s plan to dump all of the heat on him sounds good on paper, but the simple logic that applies to WWE’s reality will hurt Reigns more than help him.

Daniel Bryan has the ability to pull the best out of anyone. He could make Roman look strong without a problem. But if Reigns can’t defeat Bryan clean, then what does that say about him facing Lesnar? I think a lot of fans will have that same question to ask when Reigns gets the victory. Ziggler will draw heat from his involvement, but it will not do Reigns any favors. Unfortunately, WWE has written themselves in to this corner. And there is no other way for Reigns to come out of it without a little animosity from the fans. I’m assuming that their hope is for Ziggler vs Bryan to make up for the Wrestlemania main event. I can’t wait to see the show off back in heel form where he shines. But if WWE’s plan was to turn him to take all of the heat off Reigns, then they’re going to realize after Fast Lane that it was all for nothing.