chyna-vince-mcmahonThis Monday following Raw, Vince Russo will release his interview with Joanie “Chyna” Laurer on his website The podcast interview, which will will be available for subscribed customers, will discuss her experience in the WWE as well as her response to Triple H’s comments about not including her in the WWE Hall of Fame. Vince Russo has been vocal of his disappointment with the way Triple H addressed the question of Chyna’s future inclusion in to the WWE Hall of Fame. Russo’s opinion is that Chyna’s past in adult videos was used as an excuse to cover up the real reason she will never be inducted. And that the true reason deals with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s past with Chyna.

I might get some heat for this, but I feel like I should be completely honest on this subject. I believe that a performer should be evaluated by what they’ve accomplished inside the ring or for what they have contributed to help the wrestling business instead of what mistakes they may have made outside of the business. Chris Benoit, regardless of  what he did outside of the ring, had an amazing career. I understand and agree with why they will never add Benoit to the Hall of Fame, but I don’t think it is right to ignore his ring work completely. His contribution to the business should at least gain him the right to be acknowledged by the WWE instead of being treated like some sort of dark secret to never be discussed. The same thing goes for Chyna. As a performer, she has contributed a lot to the business of professional wrestling and shouldn’t be denied her proper place in the Hall of Fame because of a few bad choices made in the past. The wrestling business has not been as kind to her as she has to it. And a mix of the wrong crowd, drugs, and personal demons lead her down a path that she has actively tried to escape with leaving the United States. That should be enough to prove that she is on the right path and deserves a second chance.

That’s just my opinion. And I know not everyone will agree with me on my opinion of WWE’s treatment of Chris Benoit, but we can all agree that Chyna does in fact deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame. My comparison to Benoit and Chyna may seem out of nowhere, but my point was to state that people who have contributed to the wrestling business to make it what it is today deserve to be acknowledged for what they have contributed. And I don’t buy for a moment that her past in pornography is the real reason why Triple H will not allow her in to the Hall of Fame. I’m with Russo on this.

The interview will be released on Vince Russo’s podcast “The Swerve”  at immediately after Raw for paying customers.