Constantine - New Set of Cast Promotional PhotosThere is a as of yet unconfirmed rumor that NBC is planning on airing Constantine on the Syfy network for its second season. It is also rumored that the channel the television series airs on will not be the only change to the show. Syfy’s version of the show will be retitled Hellblazer after the original comic book series and will embrace an even darker feel to it even closer to the source material. If true, this decision seems to be fueled by how well the Constantine marathon did on Syfy, as well as the fan support the series has received.

To be honest, this is the best possible outcome for fans of the show. Constantine has built a decent enough following with its first season to the point that it has enough room to reel in some of the more die hard comic book fans with darker material even closer to the book while not losing its original audience. There have been a few conflicting moments on the show due to being on network TV. It seems John can’t inhale a cigarette, but it’s okay for him to shoot up heroin on NBC. Not really an complaint, just a sort of funny observation. However, if the rumors of the network move pan out to be true, then fans can rejoice as the show will return darker than before.