wdLast night was a heart breaking premiere of The Walking Dead. Tyreese met his demise after the group made a stop to visit Noah’s home. But unlike other episodes in the past, we were treated to an inner struggle with the will to survive during his final moments after being bit. Beautifully shot with amazing cinematography, the episode was able to transcend beyond the premise of a zombie apocalypse and embrace the conflicting choice of fighting to survive when death feels like a more peaceful option.

Tyreese was a character whom never adjusted to the new life around him. No matter how hard he tried to toughen up, becoming as cold as Rick or as adaptive as Sasha was never in him. So it was fitting for him to embrace death as an escape. With a few deceased cast members returning via fever dream to play angel and demon on his shoulders, it was clear that he’d have to go the route of The Governor in order to survive. But joining Beth and the rest wouldn’t be considered giving up. It would be more like letting go of a world he doesn’t belong in. A great send off for a great character. But unfortunately if you’ve read the comics, things are going to get worse for the group in the future.