Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 16My significant other and tag team partner for life is a huge fan of Law & Order. I’m not as big of a fan, but I’ve watched a few episodes with her in the past. Well, we’ve had a few conversations about Gamergate in the past. She wanted to learn more about Gamergate, and boy did we pick the wrong representation of the events with this show. Written like the writing staff simply browsed Wikipedia without bothering to actually read past the first paragraph before simply throwing together a script based on what they’ve read from random headlines and tweets, Law & Order Disorganize Investigating released what has to be the most ridiculous piece of shit I have ever seen in my entire life.

When an Anita Sarkeesian based character is attacked by two gamers, who for some reason actually give a shit if women are creating video games or somehow working in the video game field, she responds with a line basically making it seem as if this sort of thing is normal for women in the gaming industry. And to add a little gaming culture to it, she decides to address the police with gaming phrases no one uses in real life conversations while giving her statement. This leaves Ice-T, a gamer in real life and on screen, with the awkward task to translating what she is saying due to the fact that she is unable to speak like an adult for some reason. Then the episode moves on to a character possibly based on Zoe Quinn being seriously threatened and targeted by male gamers simply for being a female game developer.

I’m not going to go fully in to detail because it’s obvious that I’ve already put more effort in to this post than they did writing the episode, so I’ll just sum up the message the episode was trying to give off. Male gamers hate women in gaming to the point that we want them dead. We don’t want them involved in gaming at all because, for some unexplained reason, something about women in the video game industry just makes us violently angry. ISIS has nothing on nerds upset about women in the gaming. And that was their assumption of what Gamergate was about. And that is the message they are pushing on viewers whom may not have a clue about what it was actually about.

BlackElatedHarpyeagleNot only do I find this offensive as a male gamer, mass amounts of people including the people the story was based upon find it offensive. The sheer fact that this actually aired is ridiculous. Video games have become one of the most profitable and common forms of entertainment in our society. Female video game developers have enjoyed a successful career in the gaming industry for years. Ubisoft, one of the biggest video game developers responsible for some of the best selling video game titles worldwide, has entire developmental teams consisting of only women in the United States, UK, and France. But regardless of that, gamers of all sexes are more concerned about the product than who is developing it. In other words, we play Grand Theft Auto because we like Grand Theft Auto. No one cares who made it. There are some gamers who are loyal to certain companies due to the quality of their work, but no one gives a shit about who is involved with the creation of it.

Gamergate was originally about corruption in video game journalism before things went in different directions and was blown way out of proportion. While a small amount of people took things a little too far on the internet, things never got as out of hand as the episode suggested. It was an extremely tasteless spin on an event that wasn’t nearly as awful as they made it out to be that insulted gamers in general regardless of sex, and insulted women involved in video game development. And if this is the way the show is going to address real life events, then this episode only proves that Law & Order is out of touch and past its prime.