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  • Dean Ambrose def. Luke Harper via Pinfall

Ambrose has a brawler style that fits his character. His matches seem less organized like he’s making it up on the spot. This match was no different. Great fight with a decent finish.

  • New Day def. Goldust and Stardust via Pinfall

The match wasn’t good, but the story telling after the match was where the money was.

  • Roman Reigns def. Kane via Count out

The match itself was typical Reigns. Look strong in the beginning, get beat up, and then come back after the Samoan drop. The real deal was psychology outside the ring with Daniel Bryan. I like how this feud is turning out.

  • Paige def. Summer Rae via Submission

The highlight was the outfit Paige wore to the ring. Aside from a great submission move from Summer, the match was basically Paige sending a message to the Bellas.

  • Dolph Ziggler def. Seth Rollins via DQ

Ziggler and Rollins tore up the ring! It’s a guaranteed show stealer whenever they face each other. Regardless of the finish, this match was definitely the highlight of the night.

  • The Ascension and the Prime Time Players fought in a brawl. Match never started.

Some guy got the crap beat out of him as well.

  • Bad News Barrett def. Mizdow via Pinfall

An awful match, and a sign that the Miz and Mizdow storyline should start to wrap up soon. Dean Ambrose basically made the segment more tolerable.

  • Jimmy Uso and Naomi def. Tyson Kidd and Natalya via Pinfall

The Divas really stole the match. I would have rather watched them go at it alone with more time added.

  • Big Show def. Daniel Bryan via DQ

A decent match between the two considering how hard it is to get a really good match out of Big Show because of his size. Bryan knows how to bring the best out of anyone. If he could have as decent of a match with Big Show, he can bring something special out of Reigns at Fast Lane.

If I was to only judge the show by its matches, I’d have to be honest and admit that I wasn’t impressed with this episode. Ziggler and Rollins stole the show, but there wasn’t much competition to steal it from. As far as storylines go, Bryan and Reigns is shaping up very well. The episode did a great job of selling Fast Lane with the Triple H/ Flair and Reigns/ Bryan segments. Aside from the actual matches, it was a decent go home show to set up for this Sunday.