efc8e17029642c67a8da6aec2e3f2773_crop_northRumors have been flying that members of the WWE main roster are upset over the in-ring treatment the NXT superstars have received. Some feel that the NXT roster is given enough time to perform in the ring, while the main roster has to follow a stricter schedule which forces quicker matches. While this is just a rumor and also seems kind of ridiculous considering the main roster is paid more to perform, a superstar could possibly gain momentum by their ring work if given enough time to shine. So I wouldn’t rule it out as just a lose rumor yet.

The more NXT develops, the clearer it becomes that WWE may have created their greatest competition. With an action packed one hour show with two hour events, NXT is definitely the best reason to hold on to your subscription. It’s wrestling, not sports entertainment, and that makes the most difference with fans. But despite his accomplishments with NXT, Triple H has his hands tied with how WWE is run. Unfortunately, the change will have to come from Vince in order to for the WWE roster to receive more in-ring time. NXT has less factors to account for like commercial time considering that it is aired  on the WWE Network. So WWE’s time restrictions are understandable. But if the rumor turns out to be true, I can understand the main roster’s frustration over not being able to perform to their highest ability in order to gain some momentum with fans.