• Rhyno def. Elias Samson via Pinfall

I’m not sure why Rhyno is in NXT considering he’s already a pro. I’m just glad to see him in action again. I marked out just as much as the crowd when he hit the ring. But as far as the match itself, it was just as one sided as you could imagine with a former ECW champion taking on a rookie.

  • Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady def. The Vaudevillains via Pinfall

I’m a fan of The Vaudevillains. I wish they were taken a little more seriously as a threat. What WWE is missing is legitimate tag teams instead of two guys thrown together.

  • Sasha Banks def. Blue Pants via Submission

A decent match for the women’s champion to have after her match at Rival. But it never felt like she was truly in trouble during the match. Kind of short and to the point, but entertaining enough to keep us invested.

  • Kevin Owens def. Adrian Neville via Pinfall

Adrian Neville continues to prove that he is a walking highlight reel. While there was no way Kevin Owens was going to lose the belt that fast after winning it, Neville seemed like he had the non-title match won by his performance. Owens barely made it out of the match with the victory. An outstanding match between the two.

If you were tasked with showing a friend what NXT is, Rival would be the best starting point. It contained everything that separates NXT from the WWE as a brand. However, this episode would be a great follow up for new fans as well. The momentum from the event is still running strong though this episode. And with Rhyno there to bring legitimacy to NXT as a stand alone brand, NXT has definitely become the alternative to WWE as a separate form of wrestling entertainment. And with Solomon Crowe making an appearance and the rumor of Samoa Joe joining NXT, wrestling fans will eventually have only one place to tune in to for the best of the independent circuit.