• Erick Rowan, Ryback, and Dolph Ziggler def. Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show

Let’s face it, the faces are going to win against the heels in this one. It’s cut and dry basics for this match. Unless there is some sort of outside interference, I’m predicting a clean win. Maybe even a DQ win.

  • Stardust def. Goldust

It just makes sense for Stardust to go over on Goldust. Especially since Goldust is starting to show down his career in order to step out of the ring for good. The younger star should win this one.

  • Dean Ambrose def. Bad News Barrett

Ambrose hasn’t been the same since his feud with Wyatt. Although he is still as popular as ever, he needs a prestigious title to push him forward to the next level.

  • Cesaro and Tyson Kidd def. The Usos

Cesaro and Kidd have chemistry. They could be an actual threat to The Usos. I think they will win the straps just to continue the feud between the two teams. The Usos will probably win the belts back soon, but Cesaro and Kidd must win tonight.

  • Nikki bella def Paige

I can imagine Paige winning this with sheer wrestling talent, but she will probably lose due to outside interference. WWE still seem to be high on the Bellas.

  • Rusev def John Cena

I’m pretty sure this prediction may turn out to be wrong. From a logical standpoint, Cena should lose in order to make Rusev look strong. He has an injured eye, so that could be used as a reason for the loss. Cena can still remain strong before he takes a little time off for  his eye to heal completely. Rusev could still look unstoppable, while the loss due his injury wouldn’t phase the fourteen time heavy weight champion a bit. But that is logical thinking. The most likely outcome is Cena winning the US championship for God knows what reason other than he sells a lot of shirts.

  • Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan

I’m going with Reigns because I can’t see WWE letting Bryan take on Lesnar with how rough The Beast works in the ring. And the Ziggler vs Bryan match may still happen at Wrestlemania. However, I can’t imagine Reigns scoring a clean win over Bryan. I’m betting on either a heel turn for Reigns with a little bit of cheating, or outside interference. But no matter if either, or both happens, WWE’s handling of Reigns and his Royal Rumble win has been a mess. And throwing Bryan in to it has made him come off negative with some fans. Doesn’t matter if Bryan or Reigns win, because the end result is guaranteed to piss someone off.

There you have my predictions for Fastlane. Don’t forget to join me during the show as I live blog along with with the show. Join in and share your opinion as well.