11954088205_50819bbb3e_oStephanie McMahon posted her approval on Twitter of Patricia Arquette’s speech centered around women’s rights during the Oscars. But unfortunately for her, AJ Lee decided to call out how hypocritical her tweet was considering the current state of the Divas division. While a lot of superstars are upset with how NXT has presented their roster compared to the main roster, nothing stood out more than the fatal four-way for the NXT Divas championship at NXT Rival. So it’s clear that the WWE Divas aren’t nearly as respected as the NXT Divas as far as in ring performers. So despite McMahon’s comments about women’s rights on social media, AJ Lee decided to hit her with the truth about her own treatment of women in her company.

Vince stepped in to address and remedy the issue himself as best as possible.

Stephanie responded back herself afterwards.

It seems like the Twitter exchange between the two have died down for now, but we will have to wait and see how Stephanie handles the embarrassing public criticism. Maybe some good could come out of WWE’s dirty laundry being displayed for the masses.