wlimmortals8It has been confirmed that Brock Lesnar was originally suppose to interrupt the main event match on Raw, but left the building angry before the show was over. It has been stated that the incident was business related and had nothing to do with how his character is currently being handled. However, rumors are starting to spread that Brock was actually upset over Roman Reigns failing his drug test and being excused for it. A close source states that Reigns failed a drug test and Vince McMahon decided not to suspend him for it. And this is reported to be the reason why Lesnar was livid before walking out of the event.

WWE has released a statement deeming the rumor as completely false. And to be honest, it didn’t make much sense to begin with. I can’t imagine Lesnar being that upset over a decision to not discipline another superstar. However, I can imagine WWE wanting to keep this as quiet as possible considering how it would have a negative effect on Wrestlemania. Personally, I don’t believe the rumor and see it as a pathetic attempt to discredit him from fans against Reigns. But I had to mention the rumor because I shouldn’t rule it out just because I personally don’t believe it. The only thing that is for certain is that Brock did leave Raw upset and took his personal jet to fly home. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out in the future.