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The Results

  • Dean Ambrose def. Bad News Barrett via Pinfall

The match was pretty decent, but I feel like the commentary and outside antics took a lot of focus off of it. A great way to set up for the ladder match at Wrestlemania.

  • The Usos and Naomi def. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya via Pinfall

An alright match. Too bad we’ve seen it already, and have to continue seeing it until Wrestlemania due to poor WWE booking and a shortage of tag teams to compete against.

  • John Cena def. Curtis Axel via Pinfall

I guess Cena is a nice guy until he doesn’t get his way. Then it’s excusable for him to be a jerk. Remember to take notes kids. At least Curtis Axel got a chance to work the crowd. I think this is the best gimmick he’s had so far.

  • Paige def. Nikki Bella via Pinfall

I was actually entertained with this match even before AJ Lee hit the ring. Nikki was going to retain the title regardless. However, allowing Paige to actually have a match with Nikki made up for the outsider interference. It seems like every Diva with ring talent has to hold back a lot in the ring with Nikki in order to make her look good. This was the first time in a while that I felt like I was actually watching a real match that wasn’t toned down completely to match Nikki’s limitations.

  • Daniel Bryan def. Luke Harper via Submission

A pretty decent match, but only served as a set up for the IC championship match at Wrestlemania. And I mean that in a good way considering the match is shaping up to be epic.

  • Seth Rollins def Roman Reigns via Pinfall

Thank the wrestling God (Randy Savage) for Randy Orton. Seth Rollins was able to have a decent match with Reigns. But it felt more like Rollins was the key factor in keeping the match entertaining. I’ll admit that Reigns has improved in the ring. However, Orton interfering in the match saved Rollins from a clean loss to Reigns. I’m not against Reigns beating Rollins clean, I just find it just as unbelievable as Reigns beating Bryan regardless of it happening. I’d feel the same way with Diesel defeating Shawn Michaels back in the 90’s. So Rollins didn’t have to job to Reigns while WWE kept Reigns super strong by having him single handily run through most of the Authority’s goons in the end. I guess every leaves happy.

While it’s safe to say that this episode was filled with okay matches, the outside ring segments and promos basically made the show. There was less focus on wrestling and more on building up to Wrestlemania. I didn’t mind as much considering that a lot of the segments were entertaining. And I can understand the need to build up to a huge payoff at the biggest pay per view of the year. So I’ll give this episode a pass for its lack of great in ring performances.