screen-shot-2015-02-23-at-11-43-30-amThe biggest show of the year may contain an less than favorable main event, but the Wrestlemania card is slowly starting to build in to a monster of an event. The ladder match for the IC title is guaranteed to steal the show. But the career making match that everyone is looking forward to is Bray Wyatt going one on one with The Undertaker. Bray has done an excellent job selling the match with his outstanding promos, and WWE has been very vague with if The Undertaker will return. No matter how well the card shapes up before Wrestlemania, Wyatt vs Taker will remain the match everyone is dying to see. Here are the top five reasons Bray Wyatt and Undertaker will be the highlight of Wrestlemania.


While others in the past have carried a feud with Taker through promos with very little response from the dead man, it was always from a point of a superstar trying to break the streak. Their beef was less with the man, and more with what he has accomplished. Bray, on the other hand, has approached his feud with Taker from the perspective of someone who idolized and respected him, but no longer has a fear of the dead man. Although his original promos were cryptic with only a hint of whom he was addressing, he has recently embraced the feud head on and has used The Undertaker’s defeat last year as ammo in his promos. Wyatt is not only exploiting the doubt that people have in Taker due to his age and last performance, he is criticizing The Undertaker’s current state compared to his legacy. And it seems like his promos are only getting better and better as Wrestlemania approaches. The Undertaker can either respond, or simply wait until Wrestlemania. Regardless, Wyatt has single handily sold this match as one not to be missed.

  • Similar Gimmick

It’s no denying that Bray Wyatt is the first WWE wrestler to ever come close to channeling the feeling The Undertaker’s entrance gives fans. Although it is not as theatrical as the the dead man’s, it’s only a fog machine away from the cold chill wrestling fans have come to expect to feel when the bell tolls. They both have a connection with the supernatural side. And while Bray has a while to go before he reaches Undertaker’s status, it could easily be viewed as a passing of the torch to Wyatt.

  • Ring Work

Brock Lesnar use to be an amazing wrestler. But for some reason, Brock became more reckless in the ring. His handling of Undertaker last year resulted in a concussion rib injuries early on in the match. This lead to the match unfolding at a slower pace. Bray, on the other hand, is a safer worker in the ring. He knows how to sell being brutal without hurting his opponent. Plus he likes to take a lot of abuse. He’s perfect for The Undertaker to launch a strong offense against while still being a threat to the dead man. Just the in ring work alone will be a massive improvement over last year. And I have a feeling this will play out more closer to Taker’s past matches with Mick Foley than anything else.

  • Taker may retire

The Undertaker has posted a lot of cryptic messages on his personal Facebook that suggest that hey may have one match left in him. There is no telling when The Undertaker will call it a day, but he definitely doesn’t want his match with Brock to be his final chapter. For the first time ever, Taker has something to prove. So this match might be his final battle and his final chance to go out on top. And if he does lose, then Bray will be seen as the man who took out The Undertaker for good.

  • No Streak

If any superstar could have benefited greatly from breaking the streak, it’ Bray Wyatt. But the main problem with the streak is that it was always an indication that The Undertaker will win. No one truly expected it to be broken, especially by a part timer. But not having to worry about the streak gives the match a feeling of unpredictability. Will The Undertaker return and and defeat Bray? Or will Wyatt be the one to lay the reaper to rest? With a main event destined to have an extremely predictable ending, this match will be up in the air with who will come out victorious. Having a match like this on the card will definitely elevate Wrestlemania this year.