WWE-Racism-Seen-In-New-Day-665x385Judging by the reaction The New Day has received since their debut, it is safe to say that WWE should consider reinventing the group if they are going to continue pushing it. The New Day has had a decent run in tag team wins. However, defeating a few decent tag teams means nothing if the crowd is completely dead during their matches. In fact, the response from the crowd is actually worse for the stable than when the members worked as single competitors. The main problem with the group is the fact that they have no purpose and story what so ever. The athleticism is there without any drive. So here are five ideas that could reinvent the group and help New Day actually connect with the crowd.

  • Expand current gimmick

The New Day already has a gimmick, it’s just not as fleshed out as it could be. Their gimmick is based on what people imagine a black church is like. And while the original promos that aired before their premiere embraced that idea, WWE has done nothing to push it forward. I’m not sure if it is a fear of dealing with the religious aspect of that gimmick holding WWE creative back, or if they’re satisfied with the lazy job they’ve done so far and expect the group to get over with simply clapping during their entrance. But their current gimmick could still work if expanded to match their original video promos.

Considering the fact that they have the same logo on their gear, the stable could come off as a cult in order to avoid the religion aspect while still embracing the look and feel of a church. They could be accompanied by a small gospel choir. Xavier Woods could come off as more of a preacher based character. Basically, WWE creative could deliver what they promised us in the first place with the original video promos they aired. Because even if that doesn’t manage to get them over, it’s better than The New Day not having any personality at all.

  • The original plan

When Xavier Woods first hit the ring to address Kingston and Big E about their losing streak, the internet wrestling community went crazy. There were immediate comparisons to the Nation of Domination. The gimmick had a world of potential until WWE immediately put an end to it around the time the events in Ferguson happened. I can understand WWE not wanting to bring the negative attention to their product while such a huge story was taking place. But the truth is we’ve received a taste of what could have been.There is no way we can look at The New Day as anything but wasted potential.

After getting the crowd reactions they’ve received lately, it would be easy for The New Day to have one of those moments in which they lose it on someone and take things a little too far. The gimmick could play off of the fact that they’ve tried things the nice way, now they’re taking what theirs. The idea would still play off of the original idea for the group because the time New Day spent as a face stable could be described as them taking the more peaceful route like Martin Luther King Jr did. And the change back in to the Malcolm X inspired Woods that we saw before could benefit from him using their previous attempt at positivity as an example of why his new “By any means necessary” approach is more effective.

  • The Authority

The New Day could also benefit from working with heels. And there are no bigger heels in WWE at the moment than The Authority. The New Day could only benefit from either being in the crosshairs of The Authority, or joining them with a heel turn. Although it would be easier to simply have New Day get involved with The Authority as a face group considering all it would take is for the group to help someone The Authority despises, imagine how powerful they could be as a heel group. The story could go as simple as their plan of unity not going as well as hoped. So in order to reach the next level, they offer to help The Authority in hopes of getting the kind of treatment other members have received. Just like Seth Rollins, it could be based around trying to receive the best opportunities for themselves.

This could lead to an more aggressive New Day with each member wearing suits and embracing a gimmick similar to their original one without the racial undertones. Woods could pull off a great corporate heel if given the chance. In fact, I think the promos alone would be amazing. If WWE is serious about showing racial equality, then why not have them as members of The Authority and sell them as a dominant and brutal trio on par with what The Shield was capable of?

  • Back to NXT

I feel like sending the group back to NXT is not a negative thing. The truth is despite having a three hour show and a two hour second hand show, WWE has struggled to give enough time and attention to the group for it to grow. NXT is more intimate with its fans. They might not receive the best reaction at first due to how WWE has handled them before. But with time devoted to allowing the group to find themselves within the gimmick, I can see the members making it work on their own. Sometimes it takes the talent time to get in to the gimmick they’re given. And The New Day gimmick needs as much time to be fleshed out as possible.

Woods, Kingston, and Big E could be fun if allowed to be. I think allowing them to be themselves will help the group tremendously. And once they’ve found themselves within the group, then building on that in the main roster would be a lot easier.

  • Give them to Bray Wyatt

I have to admit that this idea is my favorite, but it is also the biggest stretch. But what is the point of criticizing WWE’s creative team for not thinking outside the box if we’re not willing to do so ourselves. I believe that The New Day could benefit from being taken in like Luke Harper and Erick Rowan was. The idea would be the same. The New Day is lost and Bray Wyatt takes them in to offer guidance. Since The New Day’s gimmick is based around what people believe a black church is like, then what could be more interesting than them being tempted by the devil himself? With Wyatt offering them everything that they ever wanted, and Woods being the mouth piece for the group, the promos between the two dealing with the subject of temptation could fuel a great feud between the two. WWE could milk it for a while with The New Day possibly losing a few matches and struggling to get in to the tag team title scene. Big E and Kingston could start to doubt the path they are on and start to consider the offer from Wyatt while Woods sticks to his guns on the subject. But after a while, the temptation to improve their situation would cause them to finally give in. And that is just the build up to what could be an amazing stable.

New Day could go off TV for a while before video promos are released with Wyatt claiming that a new day is at hand. Images of the members of New Day with voodoo, or gothic painted faces could quickly flash across the screen as Wyatt delivers a promo like only he could. And there you have it. A voodoo or gothic themed stable following Wyatt. The idea would be that they’ve sold their souls to the devil himself, and now they are just empty shells of themselves. With Wyatt being made out to be the new face of fear and The Undertaker’s replacement, a gimmick like this would come off like classic Taker but with a Wyatt twist to it. Wyatt could release them eventually like he did Harper and Rowan, or the whole purpose of Wyatt taking them in could be to immediately release them to allow Bray to continue his run as a singles competitor while A New Day explore their new gimmick on their own.

Think about a Boogey Man like trio dominating everyone and that would basically be the vision for New Day. But if written well enough, the group could still remain a face stable by never giving in to Wyatt and standing by their beliefs. The problem with the group is not having anything going on for them. The story build up alone could get them over with the crowd. Either way, I think WWE could use a new dominant stable that stands out from the rest.

The New Day could benefit from a little attention. The route they are traveling now leads to nowhere. And the talent involved were better off as single competitors before the current version of the stable was put together. So if WWE is still going to push them hard, then their creative team needs to step up their game.