Sting-WWEIn what could be considered the best moment on Raw, Sting appeared alongside Randy Orton and cleared the ring of The Authority WCW style. The moment had a nostalgic feel to it that reminded fans of the days when Sting would single handily kick the crap out of the NWO on a weekly basis. And afterwards, Sting was allowed to finally cut a promo like only Sting can. Fans were finally treated to Sting as we remember him, instead of the Sting WWE was trying to sell to us.

Despite having a career that has spanned close to thirty years in the business, and having a recognizable look and name in wrestling, WWE’s crack creative team decided to release a video with Sting’s voice heavily modified as if that would add to selling Sting to the younger audience. Well, it seems like WWE actually did more damage to the character than helping him by making his character come off as inadvertently comical. The video promo became the center of attention for all of the wrong reasons. And it made fans question WWE’s ability to handle the character properly.

With all of that said, it seems like WWE’s creative team learned the hard way that being subtle is more effective sometimes. Allowing Sting to be himself was the best way to wash that awful promo out of our memories and regain excitement for his in ring debut at Wrestlemania. The Sting promo situation was a clear example of how detached WWE’s creative team is to wrestling. It’s no secret that most of their writing team have a background not related to professional wrestling at all, but in television. So hopefully, hiring Ring of Honor veteran Jimmy Jacobs to be a part of their creative team will add more wresting based logic to the product. Because I can’t understand how that promo video made it to the air without someone criticizing it first. But I digress. It’s just great to have the Sting we know and love back.