The Results

  • Tyler Breeze def. Kalisto via Pinfall

Although Breeze won the match, I was really impressed with Kalisto’s solo work in the ring. He could really fill that void left by Rey Mysterio on the main roster if push correctly. Breeze was great as always, so I wasn’t as surprised by his performance. It’s obvious that Tyler Breeze is destined to make an impact in the main roster. So the highlight for me was how well Kalisto was able to work with him. With that said, this was definitely the best match of the night.

  • Wesley Blake def. Colin Cassady via Pinfall

Cass was given a chance to show off his brute strength in this match. With the fans behind him to the point that they booed a little for Blake for getting the win, it’s safe to say that Enzo and Cass are the most over tag team in NXT at the moment despite not having the belts to prove it. A decent match for what it was worth. I just wish I was a little longer.

  • Alexa Bliss def. Sasha Banks via count out

Not a big fan of how this match ended. I was also not as entertained as I would like to have been. There is something about Alexa Bliss that is off. She has the wrestling talent, but it feels like she’s lacking something I can’t quite place my finger on just yet. Regardless of that, ending it with a count out in her favor didn’t help the match either.

  • Kevin Owens def Alex Riley via Pinfall

There was a period in which I completely walked away from wrestling. Due to that, I missed Riley’s run in WWE at the time. So my only experience with his ring work is what he has done lately. And with that said, I’m not impressed. His offense was unimpressive, his selling was weak, and the only thing that held the match together was Owens ability to entertain. Kevin Owens dominating Riley made the match enjoyable. But as far as the ring work goes, I could have done without the lackluster performance on Riley’s behalf.

NXT is quickly becoming the more dominant show compared to Raw as of late. Possibly because Raw has struggled with balancing matches while setting up Wrestlemania lately. But episodes like this prove that NXT should definitely be taken as its own brand. It wasn’t the best episode as of late, but it kept the momentum going for the Finn Balor feud with Kevin Owens perfectly. In the end, all fans want is consistency. And I haven’t received the feeling that NXT has went down in quality yet. A pretty decent episode for the matches provided.