rey-mysterio-1944378-1401366868It has been reported that AAA professional wrestler El Hijo del Perro Aguayo died this morning after suffering a whiplash injury from a drop kick delivered from Rey Mysterio. During a tag match, Mysterio hit El Hijo with the move in order to set up the 619. But after not responding to the move afterwards, it became clear that El Hijo was actually unconscious. The match continued for a moment until the performers realized that there was something seriously wrong with El Hijo.  Unfortunately, wrestling has its risk just like any other sport. The performers trust each others with their lives. But accidents are prone to happen regardless of what precautions the performers take to safely entertain fans. In this case, a simple drop kick caused a man his life.

Here is a video of the incident. You can clearly see that the drop kick was delivered to El Hijo’s shoulder and seemed less extreme as we’ve seen before in other matches. Although Mysterio delivered it, truly no one is to blame for a mishap like this. This could have happened to anyone. The video may be disturbing for some, so viewer discretion advised. And my condolences go out to Rey and El Hijo’s family.