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The Results

  • Dean Ambrose and R-Truth def. Luke Harper and Stardust via Pinfall

Great match. And it was good to see Truth get the pinfall. Unlike the other matches before, the outside ring activity didn’t take away from the match as much. Possibly because R-Truth was in the match this time instead of on commentary. A great way to start off Raw, and another funny moment from Dean Ambrose at the end.

  • Baby Faces def. Heels via Pinfall

This match was entirely too crowded to keep up with. And while Mizdow got a huge pop and The Miz was booed like crazy, the thing I enjoyed the most in the match was Ryback being a powerhouse. The match wasn’t awful. In fact, it was pretty good considering how big it was. It was just too busy for my taste.

  • Randy Orton def. J and J security via Pinfall

It was less of a match, and more like Randy Orton kicking the snot out of two guys too small to put up a decent fight against him. Easy money for Orton tonight.

  • Nikki Bella def. Paige via Pinfall

Is WWE aware that they have a full roster of Divas other than the Bellas, Paige, and AJ right? The match was pretty decent for a Nikki Bella match, but I hate the fact that the crowd still thinks chanting CM Punk at AJ is a cool thing to do. Very lame. And the finish for the match was predictably bad.

  • Los Matadores def. Cesaro, Kidd, and Natalya via Pinfall

What a ridiculous match this was. And I don’t mean ridiculous in a good way. The match was too short, and the content in it was more for the kids than anything else. I wouldn’t mind a match like this if it didn’t involve the tag team champs. WWE hasn’t done anything interesting with Kidd and Cesaro since winning the belts.

  • Rusev def. Jack Swagger via Submission

We had to sit through Rusev beating Jack Swagger again. If there is anyone deserving enough to actually beat Rusev, it’s Swagger. A hard hitting match as always for the two despite being short and weighed down by a predictable finish. The best part of the segment was how Rusev destroyed Cena afterwards. It was kind of cool to see John run to the rescue only to become a victim himself. It doesn’t happen often enough, but it really brought Cena down from Superman level and sold Rusev as a serious threat.

  •  Dolph Ziggler def. Daniel Bryan via Pinfall

I usually skip Smackdown since I could always get the results early if I want to. But I definitely would have tuned in to see Daniel Bryan go against Dolph Ziggler. Knowing that now, maybe I should start watching it more often. Ziggler vs Brian was just not long enough for the two. I know they were given a decent amount of time, but I guess I’m a little greedy and want more. Hands down, the match of the night.

What a weak way to end Raw after starting it off so strong with Sting. A few decent matches, an actual great match with Bryan and Ziggler, a killer promo from Bray Wyatt, and a nice set up for Brock and Reigns to face off. And WWE chose to end the final Raw before Wrestlemania with a game of tug of war?

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